Seat Belt Repair – Dual Stage
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Seat Belt Repair – Dual Stage


Our dual stage seat belt repair is compatible with all vehicle car makes and models. Dual-stage simply means there is two plugs or two wire connectors on the seat belt. This repair service is for seat belts that have been locked or blown after an accident.

(1006 customer reviews)

1006 reviews for Seat Belt Repair – Dual Stage

  1. Vasiliy S.

    Great work .

  2. Tim O.

    You guys did a fantastic job on my module reset and seat belt repair. You’ve earned my trust and if I need similar services again I won’t be going elsewhere.

  3. Aaron S.

    Fast turn around time and it works like it did when it was new!

  4. Garry W.

    Repaired the module and returned quickly!

  5. Timur J.

    Very quick and prompt respond and ability to finish the product on time



  7. Alex C.

    Thank u guys for ur job! Everything Works great!

  8. Chris M.

    Good service, good price, quick turnaround. Thanks.

  9. MIKE R.

    Great service ,price,timely

  10. Juan S.

    Good service

  11. michael n.

    The module reset and the rebuilt seat belts worked great !

  12. ROBERT B.

    fast return

  13. Luis C.

    The frist time I have use the companies service and very satisfied with the results ebmvrything works good

  14. Jason d.

    Great work , fast turnaround time , always been very pleased wit the service and work

  15. Adolfo E.

    Good job

  16. Tim m.

    Great customer service. Fix seatbelts

  17. Randall W.

    Was very pleased with the results and services that were provided

  18. Joey P.

    Repair was done perfectly.

  19. C C.

    Sent in 3 sets total get them back in about 3 days packed and ready to go never a problem professional work great :+1::skin-tone-5:

  20. LUIS Z.

    fast repair as promissed

  21. Reyes R.

    Excelente service .

  22. Chris P.

    Sent it out for repair, and they returned it ready to go 2 days later! Niceeee.

  23. Bryan C.

    Safety Restore serviced my seat belt reels after an accident. They came back quickly and work flawlessly now!

  24. Walid K.

    Wow 5 Star services on all work they do.
    They are awesome
    Thank you Safety Restore

  25. Joe G.

    Very fast service. Still have airbag light on, but need to get seat belts restored

  26. Jeffrey W.

    Very Good Service

  27. yevgeniy d.

    Thanks for the fast and great repairs:) have used you guys for multiple vehicles and have been telling all my friends and family to use you also. Thank you!!

  28. Johnny B.

    All five items worked great. Thank you for the fast turn around.

  29. Bruce P.

    My wife’s Mercedes needed a simple repair of a non-airbag rear seat belt. Dealer wanted $900 to replace, but through Safety Restore, my cost was 10% of that. Turnaround was fast. My wife is happy that the problem is fixed, and I’m happy about cost. Thanks!

  30. Gary C.

    The troubleshooting video was very helpful to isolate the problem. I had purchased a used seat belt from ebay and it had same problem.

    The turn around time was very good. A little more than 24 hours but very acceptable since it was over a weekend. Installed the repaired seat belt retractor and back in business.

  31. Eslam E.

    I’m going to be very simple. Safety Restore is THE BEST! I will ALWAYS use their services. Fast work! Fast shipping! I recommend them to everyone! (:

  32. Jose G.

    Extremely happy with this company so far thank you for great work

  33. Bryan G.

    Easy, quick process from start to finish.

  34. LT C.

    the best when it comes to seat belts and airbag modules . fast and reliable

  35. Raymond R.

    Did a awesome job on my airbag module. Would gladly use them again.

  36. Timothy J.

    Very fast turn around time. Belt doesn’t seem to retract with a lot of snap but it works. All I ask!

  37. burgess a.

    fast and correct repair like always

  38. John M.

    2015 F150 airbag controller. Dealer said airbag module memory was full and could not be reset. Received repaired unit as plug n play along with repaired seat belts now clear of codes. Thank you

  39. Clarice S.

    So happy to get the seat belt repaired without having to buy a whole new unit!!!!

  40. Jeffry M.

    Fast and easy service much better and cheaper than buying new.

  41. Caitlin J.

    I sent in locked up seatbelts for Jeep Wrangler. They had it fixed and mailed back within a week. Also keep great communication. Will use again!

  42. Charlie M.

    Prompt service

  43. Thomas S.

    well, the junk yard, Pick N Pull had a module for my 2006 Honda Civic…lucky, these cars are raided of the airbag parts fast…thanks for trying, best to have one I know will function in an accident…your repairs always leave one wondering if it’ll work…

  44. Zahilyn P.

    Very good

  45. David J.

    I have used this company several times and have always had great service with excellent communication and fast turn around times. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

  46. Scott G.

    great service

  47. Earl T.

    All items were repaired to factory condition and work perfectly.

  48. Vasily D.

    Very satisfied, fast return service and quality work.

  49. Vasily D.

    Good service, very satisfied, fast shipping

  50. Grzegorz K.

    Quick turnaround

  51. zoli s.

    fast turn around and reasonable. Will use your services again. Thanka Zoli

  52. sergey s.

    Perfect came in. As described and no problems thanks so much.

  53. Daniil O.

    Quick and easy. all worked out just as advertised.
    thank you.

  54. Kyle W.

    Took care of my SRS module and returned it quickly.

  55. Eloy P.

    Fast and great service will recommend AAA+++

  56. Carmen H.

    Great customer service!! Fast .

  57. Kelly C.

    Ford charges $1200 for a new seatbelt assembly. This was way more economical!

  58. All C.

    Can’t go wrong with pricing and service once again Safety Restore turn around time saved us big time !!

  59. Yolanda B.

    Great work thank u

  60. James P.

    My seat belt came back like brand new. They could not reset my Jeep Renegade control module unfortunately

  61. Susan E.

    Very satisfied with this company. We had our seatbelts back and in perfect working condition within a week of mailing them out. The cost to repair two seatbelts was cheaper than replacing one.

  62. Susan M.

    Fast turn around service~Helpful tip on reinstalling~Works like new again.

  63. Jeffrey W.

    Products are fixed promptly and correctly

  64. Bogdan S.

    Very fast turn around and great customer service!

  65. yasier e.

    Great job and fast shipping

  66. Alex P.

    Good work fast turn around thanks..

  67. Cynthia J.

    Very pleased! Super fast.

  68. Matthew W.

    Worked perfectly! Super fast turn around!!

  69. Richard B.

    Everyone at Safty Restore is kind, courteous and do an amazing job I can’t say enough good things about them, I would recommend them to everyone, thank y’all so much for the excellent work y’all did for me.
    A VERY HAPPY customer

  70. Adam S.


  71. Mike L.

    Everything is like new…. Will definitely be back. Thx

  72. Kc C.

    Great service and timely turn around it works just as good as a new one thanks

  73. Marek S.

    Excellent service, have all my srs modules reset here always work and fast service

  74. RODRIGO V.

    Been doing business with safety restore for a couple of years now. Great customer service. Great price.

  75. Andrey D.

    Thanks! Great job!

  76. Obrien S.

    Great service my seatbelt was rebuilt after the crash and my airbag light is gone I highly recommend these guys

  77. ALAIN F.

    Honestly, some of the best customer service ive recieved in a long time. Safety restore 1000% stands by their word. The product is simply amazing, I am super happy with the results..

    At first i was a but sceptical so i just went about doing just the front two belts, which i regret because they showed me whos boss lol.

    Follow my instagram NYslowestMK7

  78. carlos c.

    Good work

  79. Ahmed S.

    Fast service .. Good Quality.. Best I ever dealt with

  80. geary p.

    I have used Safety Resore several times. They have always done a great job.

  81. Noel R.

    excellent service. what can I say you do what you say you do!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You,

  82. Tonya M.

    The auto shop I went to first said my seatbelt was completely broken and needed to be replaced. You all fixed my seatbelt in a timely manner, I was very impressed with the communication, quality of work and fair pricing. Will recommend to other people!

  83. Jackson D.

    Quick turnaround… Super professional job!

  84. North I.

    great service always helpful

  85. Jose P.


  86. Eric G.

    Saved us lots of money over replacing the whole seatbelt retractor assembly.

  87. Arnold G.

    It was the shoulder harness for the driver’s side of my 2000 F-150. Being 19 years young it had seen its share of wear and tear. I had become a huge source of frustration and when I found your website and the offer to get it restored to like new for that price I couldn’t resist. I got it pulled out of the truck ASAP and shipped off to them. Not only did it come back and work better they literally did it over a weekend. I mailed if on a Wednesday and it was back on my front steps by Monday. Not only do I highly recommend them I would use them for again for any type webbing repair project. Thanks!

  88. Alberthy N.

    Excelent service

  89. Discount A.

    We were reluctant to send off our seat belt pre-tensioners and air bag module knowing that our customer needed their car back asap, but the turnaround time was exactly as promised. Excellent service!

  90. Roy S.

    Thanks for the service! The new yellow belts added the perfect accent to our client’s 2017 NSX. The quality was great and completed in a timely manner. Communication was also on point. Thanks again! Most definitely will be ordering another color change!

  91. hector m.

    everything was fixed fast and I received it quick. Everything works great and I have no air bag light on anymore,

  92. Wayde M.

    Super easy process, fast, great quality, love the new color!!!
    Highly recommend!!

  93. samir k.

    Great job thank you so much

  94. Ronald P.

    I have a 2013 Nissan Juke , Wife ran into car and fixed it myself I do auto body repair for a living and wanted the best for her safety, but also on a budget. This service helped out alot , saved money and confident car is safe again. Also have seat belts to send in as scan identified the code for that

  95. Michael B.

    Great work. Fast turnaround :+1:

  96. Leszek B.

    Super!,service-very happy with the outcome!!- RECOMMEND to all

  97. Blake B.

    Safety restore was wonderful and helpful. Also fixed my seatbelt. Thank you!

  98. lizandro f.

    You guys did a great job

  99. Dario R.

    Awesome saved me hundreds $

  100. Jacek S.

    Working nice
    Excellent service
    Thank you

  101. Edyl M.

    Speedy service and reliable won’t be going anywhere else for any future project.

  102. Troy J.

    Great service and fast response,will use again.

  103. Paul J.

    Sent out the SRS computer, broken … received it back a few days later … plugged it in … perfection. Thanks for great service and no more airbag light!

  104. Chicago L.

    very fast . honest people

  105. Jeff C.

    Excellent service as always!!

  106. Gary V.

    Had my wife’s 2010 MDX driver side seat belt fixed (single stage for all you 07-13 Acura MDXers)! Customer service is fast to reply when I had a question. The turn around once Safety Restore received the belt assembly, was absolutely quick!! Belt functioned normal once installed and made my wife feel safe driving again! Would recommend Safety Restore no question asked!!!

  107. Larry J.

    Air bag reset

  108. SCOTT S.

    Fast service. Highly recommended

  109. Jose G.

    Very good

  110. Tom A.

    I took a chance and it worked. The dealer wanted $976 to install a new airbag module. I sent mine into Safety Restore and for $40, mine got reset and the airbag warning light went off. Talk about savings…WOW!

  111. Linda E.

    Fact – something not fought with reasoning, it’s logic
    Truth – something that depends on a person’s perspective & experience

    Based on our experience with Safety Restore, there is none other that compares with their integrity, knowledge, & skill of what they do & provide – Truth. Great customer service. That’s a fact.

  112. randall l.

    I haven’t had time to install yet but everything looks good. These guys keep in touch and keep you informed if there is any issues. I will be doing more business with them

  113. Stephen B.

    Superb Job quick and easy

  114. joe m.

    Quick turnaround good customer service

  115. Richard

    Repaired a 2015 Hyundai Elantra, after replacing the passenger seat air bag and the passenger curtain side air bag I knew the SRS module would have to be cleared or replaced. Called the local Hyundai dealer and jobber price was over $450.00. After reading the reviews for Safetyrestore I decided to give them a try. I shipped them my module and as advertised it was cleared and sent back to me, plugged it in and my SRS light is cleared !!! Took a total of 7 days from the day I shipped it until the day it was returned and I spent less than $100 shipping and all. In addition to that, they offer a chat with us feature to answer any questions/ concerns. I spoke with David multiple times and he was always courteous and very knowledgeable. Win, Win, Win !!!

  116. Hector R.

    Great service and dependable :+1:

  117. Mario M.

    It was a good experience fast and easy I’m really happy with the service

  118. Glenn L.

    Module came back in a timely manner , code reset and worked .

  119. Steve B.

    Great job, quick turnaround as usual

  120. Chris D.

    Russ & the team did a great job communicating every step of the way, answering all of my questions and throughout the re-work process I requested to perfect the finished product. Will be using Safety Restore for my future projects as well on other vehicles. Thanks again!

  121. Denis G.

    Everything works great. Thanks

  122. Bart T.

    No problem’s works good. Quick return.


    very good

  124. Wayne C.

    Fixed seat belt and module. Installed pieces and everything works as it should. Happy with quick turn around time.

  125. Marcos P.

    Installed my seatbelts and air bag module turned the key and just like that no service warnings everything back to normal.

  126. Larry J.

    Best I have found quick turnaround

  127. Luis M.

    Excellent service

  128. Victor C.

    5 star

  129. Mark W.

    Removed seat belts, mailed them off, received an email that the belts arrived, confirmed they were being worked, and returned very fast. After they were reinstalled and the battery reconnected, the airbag light went out, good to go, thanks

  130. Thomas B.

    Repairs were done in a timely maner, and everything came back working as it should.

  131. Janet R.

    Seatbelts were done quick and everything was perfect. Highly recommend their service.

  132. Roland H.

    As soon as my item arrived at their location I received an email notice indicates that they have received the seat belt. Repair was fast and now the seatbelt works like it was new, and lock up can still be easily engaged if pulled suddenly. I will definitely use their service again.

  133. Victor R.

    First time sending in my seatbelt and I am definitely satisfied with the work and time it took to get it back. Thanks for the service safety restore.

  134. All C.

    very quick turn around time

  135. CHAD T.


  136. Douglas D.

    Done a awesome job on my seatbelts and at a great price

  137. Legacy A.

    thanks for your fast and reliable service

  138. Richard V.

    Never even knew about this service. Spent $325 on used belts and then decided to check out the web. Liked the idea of a complete code clear on the module. Happily it all worked perfectly with NO codes at all. Great service!

  139. Gary B.

    I was pleased with the prompt service. I shipped it out on a Saturday and it was back on Thursday. Works just like new.

  140. Josue D.

    Very good job I recommended

  141. Jian X.

    Quick service, more importantly it worked.

  142. dan s.

    Been sending my seatbelt for the past 5 cars and very had any problems, best service!

  143. Joshua D.

    Sent out a set of 2019 wrx sti seatbelts and they had them fixed and sent back in know time will be sending them more stuff in the near future

  144. Jordan L.

    Great, fast service

  145. wayne s.

    Great repair! Works like new but only a third of the price!

  146. David P.

    These guys saved me a bunch of money and headache. I bought a wreck from Copart and sent these guys the front seatbelts and airbag module. They were back in 7 days with clear instructions. Highly recommended

  147. ROMAN W.


  148. jose a.

    Quick service …had everything back in the car in the same week and I’m in AZ !

  149. DARREN A.

    great fast

  150. Parts/joel C.

    Customer driver’s seat belt was torn and would not pass our state vehicle safety inspection. GM had discontinued the part, however, Safety Restore came to the rescue!
    Safety Restore’s entire process of ordering, rebuilding and returning the repaired seat belt was OUTSTANDING!!! Especially noteworthy were the emails informing us of each step of the rebuild process. Also, the color of the new belt webbing was an exact match!
    We most highly recommend the FAST and the HIGH QUALITY service Safety Restore provides!!!

  151. Bill A.

    This company is exceptional. Great customer service, great prices, fast service. They did what they said they would do, and we got our parts delivered when they said they would be. Who could ask for more. Thanks again!!

  152. lizandro f.

    Great service, as promised belt and module work great

  153. Big C.

    Absolutely great service. All my. Parts come back fixed. and. Quick. Thanks

  154. Francisco S.

    Great service

  155. Kelvin S.

    Fast and great price

  156. Danny M.

    Great Service, fast turnaround time, excellent quality. Thanks again! :slightly_smiling:

  157. Sergii T.

    Shipping took longer than was expected

  158. James H.

    Everything has been great just what we needed

  159. Victor O.

    Awesome job works great fast turnaround great price thank you

  160. Todd B.

    Had a belt retractor repaired and they did an excellent job.

  161. Erik L.

    I have nothing but a perfect experience with them. They fix these like clockwork. Perfect

  162. Robert P.

    This is the 2nd time I used them, the first one was the seat belts reset. Both times I had no issues, pretty much plug and play kind of a deal.

  163. Lazaro F.

    These guys made this a simple inexpensive process. Thank you. I will be working with you a lot more often in the future.

  164. John M.

    Seatbelts and srs module came back working perfectly.

  165. Weiran H.

    Good service and super good quality

  166. Dave G.

    Great service as always …

  167. James R.

    Worked great. Quick. Easy. Would recommend

  168. Kenneth C.

    Sent two dog chewed seat belts for repair. The service was fast and easy. Both belts were returned quickly and expertly repaired. I will definitely use this service again.

  169. Albert B.

    I had a rush job that was nearing its delivery date and the people at Safety resto attention to my problem was great. I received my module in time and it worked perfectly as promised. I intend to use safety restore for repairs.

  170. Mark K.

    quick and efficience, very happy dealing with safety restore

  171. Christopher C.

    The repair was fast. We sent it and got it back and all in all it was about a week. My little car was useless with out the seatbelt. Loved their service… THANK YOU SO MUCH :pray::skin-tone-3:

  172. But-Gusaim S.

    fast service, good communication , Will use it again

  173. Denis O.

    Everything worked out well

  174. Naper M.

    Great and Fast service

  175. MARK F.

    Safety Restore has replaced the webbing on a seat belt assembly. The work looks great, works properly and allowed our customer to pass our state inspection standards. The product tracking and turn around time were ideal for us. We certainly plan on Safety Restore to be our go-to seatbelt repair folks.Finley’s Service Center, Charlottesville, VA

  176. Don B.

    Great Service. The dealer quoted $1041 and 2 weeks for parts to replace my broken seatbelt. Safety Restore fixed it and returned within a few days. Very satisfied.

  177. Tim G.

    Air bag module

  178. Jason P.

    Great to deal with

  179. Ruben R.

    Great work and quality!

  180. Jamie W.

    Quick easy well under price compared to buying new. Had my stuff back in a week. Waiting g to install but looks great

  181. Daniel B.

    Sent my module & Seat belt in on Monday got it back Friday great & fast service

  182. Eloy R.

    Very good service.

  183. Brian B.

    Just got into the salvage title car business and this place popped up on eBay!! This was awesome!! Got my seat belts and module reset and they work flawlessly!!!!

    Safety restore has my business from this point forward!!

  184. Cortney W.

    Very fast and fixed right

  185. Giuseppe B.

    Great work. Helped me save my client lots of money after her accident. Took a little longer than advertised but good overall.

  186. Charlie G.

    I was worried my belt would be sent be on account of the fact that they’re of a car that was never sold on the US. But they where able to use all of the original equipment and have them re-webbed like new. Also at a very competative price.

  187. Peter J.

    The dog ate though the seat belt, so I removed the mechanical parts and sent in for repair. The service was fast & the belt color matched the old ones. I intend to remove the next damaged belt and have it repaired also.

  188. Wilfredo

    Great and affordable

  189. Dennis C.

    Everything went as advertised! very easy, great customer service, (
    I called ahead for a few questions) and returned in a timely manner. This worked out great for me.

  190. Michael K.

    I was pleased with the service

  191. Martín S.

    Perfect job

  192. Francisco B.

    Very satisfied with the service. I would highly recommend it.

  193. Peter L.

  194. Gregory G.

    Ordering and paying first from the website seemed a little sketchy at first, but a quick response from an E-mail was reassuring that this was going to be ok. Belts turned out great! I would recommend using Safety Restore again and again!

  195. Clayton J.

    Great, good color works perfect

  196. Peter c.

    Thanks for fast shipping

  197. B. G.

    Safety Restore has been a HUGE god send after my auto incident. I was looking at more than a grand to fix my seat belts through my dealership and just so happened to stubble across Safety Restore online. Their customer service team was extremely helpful through the whole process and always kept me updated on the status of my order, not to mention VERY affordable. The turn around process was very quick. I will be using them again if needed and would highly recommend this company to everyone I know!!!!

  198. NYC B.

    Fast,reliable service highly recommended.

  199. Joe S.

    They fixed it and sent it back in timely fashion

  200. Scott G.

    I asked about replacing the webbing on my classic car, and even though it wasn’t listed as a car serviced, they did the job quickly. Nice fast turnaround. I would recommend using them to fix any seat belt.

  201. Donald H.

    Great turnaround and perfect service

  202. Christopher S.

    The process started off a little rough but the guys got it together and did an excellent job. I was very satisfied and will recommend Saftey Restore to others.

  203. Dennis C.

    I recently purchased a car with a locked seatbelt. The seatbelt was locked after an accident. I took out the locked belt and sent it to Safety Restore and within a week received it back repaired. It is now installed in my car and working great. Thanks to Safety Restore for saving me the expense of buying a new belt assembly.

  204. DJ

    Just got my seat belts back for my ’87 Pontiac Fiero GT that I am restoring. I cannot overstate how satisfied I am with the quality of the work and the quick turn around time. They were able to perfectly match the color of my original belt. I certainly recommend them and will do business again.


  205. Lenny S.


  206. Roger O.

    Excellent job!!!! Cheapest way to get your seatbelt fix.

  207. Leszek B.

    Very happy with the Service !!
    Will recommend to all!!!

  208. Talha A.

    These online airbag module services are very sketchy to me. I contacted a few other business one of which had some very rude customer service. With safety restore the customer service was great. I spoke to someone on 3-4 different occasions and they were always polite. They stuck to their word in regards to timing and price. Everything was done as I had expected. In fact I feel they exceeded my expectations. My truck now has no airbag light. I will always recommend safety restore and use them in the future. I’m very happy that I found them and I wish there was more advertising for them and shops recommended because it was a struggle to find a shop which would reset my airbag light Toyota wanted 700 for a new module. All in all safety restore was great.

  209. Vasiliy T.

    I had my seatbelt and SRS module done they did a great job. took about a week to get it.

  210. Tim C.

    Great job fast turnaround

  211. Terry M.

    Sent in and fixed and returned within 2 days. Came back, no seat belt light. Great job!

  212. Robert T.

    The service provided such as repair of seat belts and reset of airbag modules was done quickly and function just like new.

  213. M A.

    so far so good very nice service and fast….

  214. Neil J.

    Good communication, a little longer turn around than expected but they were waiting on parts. Hard to rebuild if you can’t get parts! Other than that little snag , great service, great price!

  215. David K.

    Have recommended your service to several people

  216. Jared J.

    Just like everybody said it would be, it was. Shipped it off and within 48 hours of them receiving it, it was headed back to me with 2 day shipping.

  217. Paul P.

    I was amazed at how quickly Safety Restore replaced the worn out webbing of my seat belt. The belt was replaced with all of the hardware attached and cleaned. I was extremely happy at how quickly the belt came back. The price was also outstanding. What would’ve cost over $275 from Ford, I got from them for around $80. I strongly recommend using Safety Restore for anyone who wants the job done right, fast, and for an excellent price.

  218. Tim W.

    Any product I have every sent them was fixed or repaired perfect and with a quick turn around time.THANKS

  219. Luis C.


  220. Tyra W.

    Seat belts came back fast and work very well

  221. Larry W.

    Simply great service. 1997 RAV4 drivers side ratted up seatbelt strap. Mailed and returned in less than 10 days with new, perfectly matching strap and tuned up mechanism for less than what I could buy a used, questionable condition, seatbelt assembly from eBay etc. Again, simply put, absolutely great service.

  222. Megan A.

    Safety restore repaired our seat belts very quickly! Will definitely be using them going forward over having to track Down used seatbelts!

  223. matt

    Fixed both front seatbelts. Perfect
    Fixed SDM . Perfect. Plug and play. Only problem was return shipping should have better options then usps.
    -Matt WV

  224. Gary H.

    Met the expectations

  225. David N.

    Quick turnaround and system restored as promised

  226. Austin N.

    Great communication and completely happy with the service on my seat belts?

  227. Manny C.

    Fast turn around . Repaired properly . Fast shipping.

  228. Dana A.

    Thanks so much for fast and easy service. Choosing the option for my repair was straight forward and the pricing was fair. I made a YouTube video recommending your guys’ service and will continue to recommend you guys to all my friends. I’ll use this service in my future car rebuilds as well!

  229. Julian Y.


  230. Ian M.

    Fast and efficient. Thanks.

  231. Marcelino S.

    Received the Module and have installed on the vehicle worked perfect. all the lights reset right a way.

  232. David S.

    Simple and fast service

  233. Tom R.

    This company replaced the webbing in my front seatbelt. They did an excellent job and match the color perfectly. The turn around was like they advertised. I got the seatbelt back and it worked perfectly. Great Job!

  234. Nicholas B.

    Thank you

  235. Phil C.

    Everything worked as stated, no problems. Fast shipping.

  236. Richard M.

    Excellent service will use again

  237. Tommy U.

    Was pleased with work. Belts operate as they should and look good.

  238. Robert J.

    Great service and fast turn around

  239. Jacob H.

    Sent in an locked up seatbelt, pretensioner an srs module. They sent email update that they received my items the day they received them an next day sent email they was being shipped back to me. When I got them seatbelt worked like it should an cleared all the airbag lights off the civic with module reset, they are fast at what they do. Great customer service , great communication an fixed my issues at reasonable price . No complaints here ! Thanks again safety restore !!

  240. M A.


  241. Gary G.

    Easy to work with, and Fast turnaround. The belts and pre-tensioners work as good as new. I’ll be a repeat customer!

  242. Daniel O.

    Saftey Restore got me back on the road! feeling safe ,Me and my kids

  243. Pawel K.

    thanks fast shipping

  244. James D.

    Just like new again! Thanks

  245. Richard C.

    Fast service without any flaws. Installed the reset module, and the B1015 code that was hanging on after every OBD code clear was finally gone and the airbag caution light extinguished.

  246. Brian K.

    They did and delivered exactly what they said they would!! Thank you

  247. Dariusz G.

    Thanks for fast service ,and good quality job.!!

  248. dealmax l.

    will use again

  249. Guillermo M.

    Like how I always get a email saying the product has arrived and when it will be shipped, beats the guessing if I’d got there or not,

  250. Nathan R.

    Repaired quickly,shipped priority,everything appears to be working properly.thank you!

  251. Randy M.

    Works as described.

  252. Deborah M.

    The seat belt was repaired quickly, and I appreciate the follow up.

  253. Stewart W.

    Turn around time was quick, just as promised and the restored seatbelts look like brand new!

  254. Kenneth M.

    100 percent done well thanks

  255. Patrick O.

    1978 Ford F250. Green interior green seatbelts… the original driver’s belt had become severely frayed from 40 yrs of use. Even used ones off of Ebay were stupid expensive. And other restoration services seemed to lack the correct color green as an option.
    SafetyRestore had the color though. Nearly perfect match. They also had the right price. Cheaper than the used belts I had found, PLUS they’ll refurbish the hardware?! Sold!
    I pulled the belt and sent it off to them via USPS Priority on a Saturday. Had it back in my hands in perfect condition by the following Saturday. Just in time for the annual safety inspection. This is a great company that obviously holds itself to the high standards it promises on the website. I do appreciate it.

  256. William S.

    Safety restore consistently gives outstanding service every single time without fail.

  257. Cyril D.

    Excellent service and turn around

  258. Darby T.

    This was the easiest thing that I have done in a long time.. Part worked at designed… Thanks…

  259. Chris T.

    We were not aware of having the possibility of resetting modules after an accident. Learning of SR and their services has saved us a great deal of money and has let us be assured it was done correctly. We have told others about this fantastic service available. Thank you!

  260. Rafael S.

    Very good and fast workers

  261. Craig R.

    Sent out my 2012 VW Jetta front belts as required, they came back as promised now installed back into car…. both work perfectly.
    Saved a bundle….thumbs up.

  262. Sedrick R.

    The turn around time was exceptional and the repair was done properly. The seatbelts work great!

  263. Jasmine A.

    The website is user-friendly and I had a very easy time communicating with the staff on all inquiries I had. They notified me as soon as my package was received and sent updates regarding status and when my package was sent back. The tracking number and link was included in their last email which made it very easy to track my package and know exactly when I would get my belts back. They saved me a boat load of money by avoiding the dealership altogether. I’ve been using the seatbelts for the last two weeks now and have had no issues. I highly recommend this service.

  264. Michael S.

    Fast service, responsive, and the repairs were completed successfully. Nice to have the peace of mind knowing my airbag/seat belt system is operational again. Saved $1,000+ over dealer quote. Thanks Safety Restore!!

  265. Roger M.

    With zero verbal communication, I ordered, paid for two seat belt replacement webbing. Mailed old ones out per email instruction, notified of receipt, next day again email notified of completed repair, and preparation for shipment. Two days later, my stuff arrived, repaired, cleaned as good as new! Their method and ease of website use is great. Great service! They do what they say! Highly recommend them, will certainly use their services again.

  266. Leopold M.

    no complaints, very good job!

  267. Shirley B.

    These guys delivered on what they advertised. You need not fear anything. They really do have all the answers. Save $1000s, perhaps even prevent your vehicle from being totaled!

  268. Kimothy T.

    I had my seat belt webbing color changed. It is very sturdy oem factory stitching quality. I was impressed how well they came out and look great in my jeep. I really like safety restores fast response to my questions and quick turn around time. Great customer service!

  269. Candido R.

    Works just fine….

  270. Yadunath H.

    Excellent customer service!! Excellent workmanship!! Will Absolutely do business again

  271. Andres D.

    Thanks you guys help the people save money you guys work so amazing

  272. Vadim S.

    Seat belt came back fixed and the module was cleared as requested. I am pleased with this service.

  273. Vadim S.

    Enjoyed the convenience of the service. Just mail it and all comes back fixed.

  274. Naper M.

    Great services and fast return.

  275. Aliaksandr P.


  276. Kevin H.

    Great place to work with. Efficient and great work.

  277. Edwin S.

    Excelent service and timing.
    Really good Job.

  278. Ronnie B.

    Was very happy with the great service. Saved me a lot of money verses buying new parts. Glad I found you guys.

  279. John R.

    I haven” installed yet. Had major surgency a month should get to in next 2 wks.

  280. Bryant P.

    Sent 2 seatbelts and airbag computer to them and they had them back in my hands within a couple of days fast turn around!

  281. Francisco M.

    Very much

  282. Vladimir K.

    Great job converting from stock black belts to Ferrari red belts, thanks

  283. DARREN A.


  284. Victor M.

    So glad I found safety restore!

  285. Allen D.

    Everything works like oem and service was great
    Very fast turn around on the repair and was always informed through out the process

  286. bobby b.

    Excellent service & received promptly!

  287. Cristian L.

    I’m very satisfied..;))

  288. Randy H.


  289. George G.

    Quick Turn-Around

  290. Richard B.

    Fast and it works great and would use them again.

  291. Oleg I.

    really nice guys that knows their job and fast as well

  292. Todd I.

    Everyone said I needed to buy new seat belts but then I found SafetyRestore! Thank you! They really did turn my order around in 24 hours and I was able to repair my seat belts and saved about $400 in the process. Thank you! I hope I never need to, but if I do, I’ll be back!

  293. Tony C.

    Great deal

  294. James C.

    Great response time and worked perfectly

  295. Heath L.

    I am extremely happy with how the service turned out, and very impressed by the quick turn around time! I will definitely recommend Safety Restore to friends and customers, and return the next time I need help with a similar situation!

  296. David T.

    see above

  297. James A.

    Got my seatbelts fixed and returned quickly. Happy driver over here. Beep beep…..

  298. Reuben N.

    Very, Very good, I would recommend your services to any one. Thank you

  299. Planet M.

    I’ve sent in quite a few. Had excellent customer service, fast turn around and no issues with work. 0 complaints

  300. Nicholas P.

    ★★★★★ – Awesome

  301. Ammar A.

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  302. Amilcar s.

    Excellent work and always very professional

  303. Mark R.

    Everything was great

  304. Terry O.

    Seatbelt looks new again

  305. Ben L.

    The Safety Restore Team was fast & professional getting my Seatbelts & SRS Module repaired & on there way back to me! Thanks!

  306. Tou T.

    Thumb up. Finally seatbelt fixed. THANK YOU!!! I will send there again when seatbelt not working.

  307. John N.

    We sent in 5 seat belts and 3 re-tractors and everything came back in perfect working condition. Not only was it quick and easy to order, but Safety Restore finished the repairs in less than a week. I will be using Safety Restore again!

  308. Pawel K.

    Fast turnaround is always

  309. Keith G.

    I was skeptical at first but figured it was worth a shot. They rebuilt 2 seatbelts and reset my control module after by side curtain air bags deployed. I’m glad I chose SR, they delivered on every promise. I’m good as new and back on the road.

  310. Rick S.

    I’ve used your services several time’s and have always been satisfied with price and quickness of repair’s !!

  311. Robert K.

    Perfectly matched color. Quick turnaround. Very pleased with the result of mt webbing replacement.

  312. Donald R.

    Thankful I found your website before buying all new original equipment parts.

  313. William G.


  314. Gilles M.

    Fast and beaiful. Very good job.
    Answer by Phone or internet se fast too.

  315. Leslie C.

    Each time that I sent a module or seatbelt for repair the reset has been

  316. Antonio M.

    My seat belts were repaired and sent back to me in great time.

  317. Mark K.

    They always treat me right

  318. Dominick D.

    Totally satisfied.

  319. Martins S.

    Fast, Reliable, Honest and they do Great Work. We recommend them to everyone.

  320. David P.

    I have a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado crew cab and the rear driver side retractable seat belt stopped retracting. I took it out, sent to them and got it back, installed it and it works perfectly. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

  321. Dave S.

    The experience from start to finish was straight forward. From the initial inquiry to order placement through receiving my seatbelts was fantastic! The communication was top notch, I never had to wonder where my belts were, which gave me peace of mind during my restoration project! Thank You Safety Restore!

  322. Todd

    1972 VW Superbeetle passenger’s seatbelt,…it must have been chewed at some point. Irreplaceable hardware.
    Safety Restore got the re-webbing PERFECT! Even the pattern in the new black webbing matches the original VW driver’s belt! And it functions like new.
    I cannot thank you enough!

  323. Tony G.

    Thanks Saftey Restore!! My airbag has been on for 2 years for a defective belt. I recieved the part back very quick and re-installed it. After clearing by airbag code with my scanner the light turned off and it now stays off!!! Thank you!!

  324. Freddy P.

    I send my module to be reset and i did get it back in a week and work wonderful the air bag light went away, thank you so much

  325. Heath B.

    Fixed and returned very problems..thank you!

  326. Thomas K.

    I felt that the service was priced fairy.

  327. Bonanno C.

    Fast turn around Excellent Service Great job on the rebuild Definitely will be doing more business with this company

  328. Ej P.

    Price is right and the turnaround was very quick. Return shipment using USPS was several days faster then my outgoing shipment via UPS. Learned not to leave the dog unattended in the car

  329. Wael S.

    Great service!!

  330. Tomasz D.

    They get the job done fast and correctly

  331. John T.


  332. Laura K.

    Thank you for the awesome job on replacement webbing for my Jeep — I’m so excited to now have PURPLE seatbelts! Excellent service, great communication!

  333. Spencer C.

    Great service and fast turn around.

  334. Ronald M.

    Very Professional….They did everything they advertised…I recommend them highly

  335. Ken M.

    1st time using service. One day turn around is true. Sent from phoenix to Mass. Returned in one week. Installed seat belt worked great. Dumb me didn’t know had to have codes cleared in truck for srs to work. But pleased overall.

  336. Thomas K.

    Had to replace the seatbelts on my 2004 Honda Accord after they got stuck following a small collision. Safety Restore provided excellent service and quick turn-around as promised. I was back on the road in a week’s time.

  337. Ryan A.

    Safety Restore repaired my seat belt assembly that was so frayed, it was frozen. They fixed it with quality materials and workmanship. My seat belt assembly was on its way back to me within 24 hours. Thank you for your quality work, quick repair and great prices.

  338. Nikolay G.

    Good quality

  339. Brendan P.

    They did a great job. Sent it out and got it back in a week and a half.

  340. Ronald E.

    fast and great price so easy to get done thank you

  341. Robert P.

    Cant say enough good things! They did a great job. Turn around was fast and the work looks great! Now if I can just get my dog to stop chewing my seat belts! lol

  342. Jacob T.

    Great and fast service

  343. Terry N.

    Used them 4 times, great service and quick turnaround time. Everything works perfect. Thanks!

  344. Garrison H.

    Great job saved me from buying a new one big savings, Thanks again

  345. Arthur M.

    Great service and fast

  346. Vasile T.

    Good job

  347. Jorge C.

    Great service and big expense saver compared to buying brand new seat belts, couldn’t be happier and my repaired/rebuilt units work like new !

  348. Greg Z.

    Safety Restore quickly reset my air bag module

  349. John K.

    SafetyRestore reprogrammed my airbag module which was one of the items that finally got the airbag light to work properly on my Honda Civic. Not really sure what the reprogram did, SafetyRestore let me know when they received the module and when they shipped it the next day, but the no feedback was provided if the module had a problem or not. Bottom line, the darn light now works like it is supposed to work.

  350. Richard D.

    Although very pleased with the service you provided, I was not pleased that it cost me over $160. to have the srs dash light reset at the sprinter dealer. Tried all options given by your tech support but ultimately had to go to the dealership.

  351. Jackie B.

    This service worked perfectly on my 2014 Honda Civic and saved me several hundred dollars!

  352. Randy H.


  353. Gladys P.

    Seatbelts repair

  354. Michael T.


  355. Ashish C.

    My seatbelts and module came back in new condition. They didn’t try to nickel and dime me when I had to pay a little bit more for my triple stage seat belt. I received the item back in 2 business days. Great experience overall.

  356. Stephen R.

    Great work

  357. Marian K.

    It’s a 5 stars service

  358. Ross H.

    Remarkably efficient service. Old belt was shredded from use. Shipped ~3000 miles, fixed, mechanism refurbished, returned, installed, four days including a weekend.

  359. Ferris J.

    Good customer service and turn around time… Thanks

  360. Hisham K.

    Great service

  361. Reymundo A.

    Good job… am very happy with my 2 seat belt got repaired…. will recomend to my friends thank you…. and save me some $$$

  362. Mary K.

    My dog chewed through my seatbelt! Instead of taking it to the dealer where it would cost a fortune, we used Safety Restore. Service was fast and my seatbelt is completely like new! Thank you!

  363. Ruben A.

    Very pleased with the service. Fast shipping and good quality.

  364. Joe H.

    One day return.

  365. William G.

    I think it is, you repaired the parts , sent them back and they work fine,

  366. Vullnet G.

    Great and quick service … Even for me in Alaska!

  367. dana m.

    100% satisfied customer!

  368. asif i.

    so far they fixed 12 seats belts. 100% works

  369. Bryce B.

    Awesome service

  370. Kassem a.

    Love these guys always get it right!

  371. Edward W.

    I sent in my rear seat belt from my 2002 crew cab GMC 2500 pick up. It would always seem to lock and not want to release. They fixed the problem and now it works properly. Thanks safety restore!

  372. Tony C.

    Thanks for the repair great job saved lots of money

  373. Nelson M.

    Great and quick service

  374. Garage C.

    Excelent Service And Fast delivery

  375. Nathan C.

    we send all our belts and get great service.

  376. Devin T.

    It was refreshing to work with a company that fulfilled their promises, each and everyone.
    I would recommend this company

  377. Scott B.

    I was amazed that the best local body repair shop did not know of this service. They would have sold me a new module. Reprogramming was fast, efficient and worked great!

  378. Angel R.

    The service is very professional and very fast turn around. Problem

  379. Joe S.

    excellent job. will definitely use again.

  380. Daniel H.

    Had an excellent experience! Excellent Job and Fast Service

  381. David

    After taking my recently repaired 2013 Chevy Malibu in to our local Chevrolet dealership to have the used airbag module I had installed, reprogrammed, I was inform that they wouldn’t provide that service and I would need to have a new module installed for a cost of $600.00 or more. I decided to do some research of my own and that is when I discovered Safety Restore. I admit I was skeptical but decided I didn’t have much to lose so sent them my original module. I was informed by a technician that I would not need to take my car back to the dealership for reprogramming after the repairs had been completed. The turn around was great just as promised and I installed my repaired module and everything is working great and I still have my $600.00. Thank you Safety Restore.

  382. Vince L.

    Had seatbelt repaired and works like a charm.

  383. Gregory M.

    Fast turnaround and an excellent job. Could not ask for better.

  384. Bob M.

    I sent my belt in on an old 2000 Acura just before Christmas 2018. I decided to use them after interacting with one of their chat folks who clearly knew the product and processes; not some “rent a chat” person. My package arrived on Christmas Eve and I have the rebuilt and refurbished belt and mechanisam back two days after Christmas. From the time it arrived, was in process of being restored and was shipped back I received notifications from them at each step in the process. For the important part, the rebuild was excellent and literally as good as new. I will definitely use them again in the future for any need where they provide the service and highly recommend them.

  385. Linda M.

    I like how they let you know where your package is in progress

  386. Michael B.

    Quick fast service. Belts are like new.

  387. Maritza M.

    Great to deal with, fast, easy and prompt delivery. Will be using again.

  388. Brandon M.

    Good turnaround time… easy to do… will use again

  389. Heath B.

    Very Fast Turn Around…Easy to Speak to…Thank You.

  390. Jose R.

    Everything worked really good, this is the 3rd time I used their service, and I will use it again.

  391. Sokol S.

    I’ve been a believer in the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ until I did business with these guys. The seatbelts came out perfect and were shipped back in a timely manner exactly how it’s described on their website. Their prices are very reasonable and customer service is amazing. Will do business with them again.

  392. Kim M.

    Fixed fast and returned fast. What else could you want?

  393. Bill R.

    Seat belt works excellent. I sent it on a Tuesday night and had it back by Friday

  394. Dana F.

    Great customer service and speedy return service. Thank you Safety Restore crew!

  395. Rodrigo L.

    Good service

  396. Robert M.

    Fast and easy

  397. John O.

    have had alot of seatbelts restored with safety restore, great turnaround time and great work!

  398. Charlie C.

    Great quality, just as promised. Thank you!

  399. F&A S.

    Excellent service, I will be back with another shipment soon.
    Thanks, Florin Antal

  400. jose p.

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  401. Taofeek A.

    Good and reliable service.

  402. Kelvin C.

    easy and very fast service, will use this company again for future repairs

  403. Omar P.

    I got to say i recieved my seatbelts well packaged and fast just like promised , installed and everything and works perfect just like when i sent them in very good job safetyrestore soon will be sending the rear seatbelts for color change also happy 2019

  404. Anderson R.

    a very good and fast service

  405. Jose Q.

    had my seat belt repaired @ in no time came back to me. And I was able to install it @ give back to the Customer with no problems. Extremely happy. thank thank you. :+1:.

  406. Jerry B.

    I’m extremely satisfied with Safetyrestore service, my parts were turned around super fast and worked perfectly when recieved. thank you, Jerry Brown

  407. John M.

    This is the second time i have used safety restore for seatbelt. Quick an very good service.

  408. Jason S.

    I sent an airbag module and 2 front seatbelts to Safety Restore and as soon as they recieved it, they fixed the problems and shipped it back the next day. The process is straight forward and it helped me save money.

  409. joseydh

    Belt pretenssioner, belt and SRS module were repaired really fast. Installed and all works as expected.

  410. Elvin A.

    Very happy

  411. Olga

    Excellent service, fast shipping. I do business with this company for a few years already and always completely satisfied with the work.

  412. Olga S.

    Excellent and fast service, I like to deal with this company for so many years already.

  413. Colin M.

    Repair was relatively quick. I would put more ownership on the delay to the shipping company.

    The only one critique I have is maybe have a buy 1 get 1 25% off or something along those lines. In my vehicle we had 3 seat belts that broke and that’s a pretty hefty repair bill for all 3.

  414. James W.

    You are fast and sufficient front seat belts are reinstalled and they work perfect

  415. Ted A.

    Very impressed with the fast turnover time, they actually were true to their words. I will not hesitate to use this company again , Thanks again
    Ted Acerra A.S.E. certified tech for over 30 years

  416. Martin F.

    Used a local business originally and nothing worked.Then found safety restore. Mailed belts and modules and the was process easier that I thought it would be and they function.

  417. Doug B.

    These guys know what they are doing and get stuff in and out in a timely fashion. I send them all of my seatbelts and airbag modules

  418. Rusty D.

    Items were restored and returned in a professional manner.

  419. James P.

    Quick & Easy process

  420. Omaira Y.

    Excellent job. I received the part in excellent condition and good time. Thanks

  421. Bill O.

    Excellent customer service and super fast shipping! I was unsure of how to get codes without a scanner and the Safety Restore team sent me a video and guided me through the process.

  422. Kino R.

    Item came back as good as us

  423. Marius A.

    Staff was very helpful, especially because this was my first time using them.. I had them fix 3 seatbelts and they saved me over $350 as opposed to buying new ones.. I highly recommend them..

  424. Kraig L.

    As always safety restore did a great job, had me going in no time!

  425. Arturo O.

    Great service thank you :pray:

  426. Charles G.

    Great company did everything they said they would do super fast and no baloney thanks

  427. Angel G.

    Very easy and fast service like always, I’ve used this service many times and plan to keep using it.

  428. Mitchell C.

    Quick turnaround great job

  429. Paul T.

    Great company to work with quick turn around time.

  430. Kent J.

    My 2002 Jetta Seatbelt Repair was easy, quick and as promised. They even sent emails telling me that they had both received the belt and then when the repair was completed. I would definitely use Safety Restore again.

  431. Rusty D.

    Hopefully they will work.

  432. Chris C.

    Very good yah…

  433. John R.

    Great service

  434. Mark R.

    Seat belt works like new. Great turn around time.

  435. James B.

    Excellent job and a perfect match for the oak color of my vintage Toyota Landcruiser belt.

  436. Jamie E.

    great service

  437. Ally Rock

    Super quick response through text message. I asked them everything I wondered and they patiently answered. They also offered free shiiping. My belts work as brand new now. I definitely recommend this place.

  438. Michael D.

    Great replacement

  439. Vojtech K.

    Belt was fixed perfectly and so fast! Thanks

  440. Stephen N.

    SafetyRestore restored the seat belts from my ’66 Volvo 1800S. They attached new webbing to my rechromed hardware and were able to re-use the old adjusters to keep them looking very authentic. All for a resonable price and short turn around. Turned out great!

  441. Kraig L.

    As always, the repair worked perfectly!

  442. Kevin N.

    Safety restore did an excellent job at my seat belt retractor repair. The process was simple and fast. I am very satisfied with their level of service and the repair that they made. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of any safety repair.

  443. Mark F.

    Excellent Service and quick turn around very satisfied!

  444. Aaron V.

    Processed my parts within hours of receipt and were return shipped the same day. Quality is excellent, oem tags were transferred. Very happy with the service!

  445. Steven M.

    Quick service

  446. Eric B.

    Great service

  447. clyde a.

    Good folks to do business with

  448. Leo H.

    Safety restore did a good job resetting my airbag computer, works great now

  449. Jamie E.

    I like the service but ive completed this survey a few times and never received 15 percent off

  450. Manuel C.

    I have no complaints about this company, very good work incredibly fast and very good communication.

  451. Scott H.

    Fast quality repair at a great price.

  452. Linda M.

    good service

  453. David Melnichuk

    my airbag light was on, now its now. thanks for the reset. A+

  454. Eric C.

    You were recommended by a friend, he told me it was easy and the whole process was cake. I do plan on sending you my airbag module as soon I get it off. Thank you

  455. Redline M.

    Great people to deal with. Very fast turnaround, I would highly recommend

  456. Juan C.

    Excelente service, fast delivery and very good job, we installed the safety belt and module and work perfect. The airbag light turn off

  457. William R.

    Very reliable service used many trimes

  458. Extreme A.

    Great service great speed no issues

  459. Gwan T.

    Plug and play

  460. James W.

    I couldn’t find a used seatbelt or a cheaper solution. This solved my problem as quickly as ordering a new one online. I’m glad this business is out there and will definitely use them again.

  461. Todd R.

    This is the second time I have used Safety Restore and probably will not be the last time. Their service is great! They are knowledgeable and have quick turnaround times/return shipping. Like I said, I will use their service in the future and recommend it to anyone performing vehicle repairs that involve SRS module reprogramming and seat belt repair.

  462. Daniel P.

    Excellent service, fast shipping and at a good price. Would recommend

  463. Reyes R.

    Good job in repair

  464. Dale B.

    I sent them my 1977 seatbelts and got them back within three days. Better quality than expected!

  465. Robert L.

    Perfect repair, prompt service, good price. I recommend Safety Restore to anybody in need of seat belt repair.

  466. Daniel S.

    This is my 2nd time using safety restore and it won’t be my last. Quick turnaround and professional packaging on the return shipment.

  467. Pamela C.

    Very pleased with your company, easy, fast service… wonderful!!

  468. Catherine P.

    Great service … quick and easy to fill out order. I sent in our seat belts and they were returned within a couple of days with brand new webbing!

  469. Shawn M.

    Always come to safety restore when rebuilding a wrecked car!

  470. Edward F.

    Two days an back in to my SUV highly recommended. Great job.

  471. Chad D.

    Fast turn around, fair price, worked as advertised. Thank you!

  472. Joshua R.

    Mailed in my seat belt pretensioner and it came back repaired like new. Thanks!

  473. Ted P.

    Sent in my seat belt retractor for repair.
    Received it back and it works great!

  474. Jim W.

    Fast & great service I highly recommend!

  475. Jerrol O.

    Speedy turn around time! Just what I needed!

  476. Tabatha P.

    The turnaround was excellent! Customer service via phone I couldn’t get through so I texted and got a response.

  477. Candy L.

    Northland Custom has had multiple Airbag Modules reset and each was done very quickly. The service that we received was very much appreciated. We will definitely continue to send units to SafetyRestore.

  478. David C.

    Just as advertised. Worked perfect. Matches original.

  479. Serghei P.

    love them.

  480. William

    Much to my surprise after dealing with a lot of people I plugged in the module and hooked it back up and the only thing else I had to do was re-program the passenger weight seat sensor. I have shared this information with some dealerships I deal with and I am pretty sure it will bring more business to you. Thank you once again.

  481. Glenn S.

    VERY satisfied with the webbing replacement & the 24 hour service

  482. DANIEL N.

    in everything they do from calling me for payment, fixing the seat belt, and shipping it ASAP they do a great job. Never had an issue

  483. Gerald W.

    The best online shopping experience I have had by far…and I’m a software engineer in the industry… you guys have really mastered it…

  484. Elijah L.

    and fast

  485. Jeff M.

    I contacted Safety Restore inquiring about re-webbing the OEM seatbelts on my 2012 Corvette Grand Sport with a custom color. A representative returned my email quickly & continued to respond in a timely manner to my additional questions. I asked if they had a color combination that was not on the website & they did have it.

    I shipped my OEM belts on a Friday, and they received them Monday morning, installed the new webbing and shipped them back to me by Monday afternoon. I received the new belts on Wednesday & the quality & color combination was exactly what I was looking for. The best part was Safety Restore’s price was exactly half of a competitor for the same product & service.

    I highly recommend Safety Restore for your seatbelt needs.

  486. Fred M.

    Working good thanks

  487. Robert D.

    Great job. Fast turn around. Worked perfectly. Thank you.

  488. Jerrol O.

    This was the first time I used Safety Restore for blown pre-tensioners, seatbelts, and reprogramming of the airbag module. I will definitely use them again! Turn around time was amazing.

  489. Vadim S.

    work fine, thanks

  490. sam m.

    pricw is great, and they turned it around quick. easier than i thought

  491. Shurrice S.

    Excellent service, fast delivery and easy! So much less than having it fixed somewhere… so happy we went this route.

  492. Dustin D.

    great service

  493. Vojtech K.

    Fast service and perfect fix!

  494. Vojtech K.

    Thanks for doing such a good repair

  495. Kelvin S.

    great service and super fast turn around time .

  496. Jim K.

    Everything works as they should, very happy with this service

  497. robert r.

    answered more than a few questions,everything works great

  498. Jeffrey L.

    Safety Restore provides a great service. I was quoted $500-700 to replace my seatbelt with torn webbing. I sent it to Safety Restore with expedited shipping and spent about $100 for the repair. Thank you so much!

  499. Gregory H.

    Never even knew I could handle doing the work myself but it’s not that bad. You get the parts out and shipped to these guys, and they send them back ready to go. Saved over $1500 doing it myself. Only issue was it took a bit longer than anticipated to get my items back. I was hoping for two day turnaround once they received, but it ended up being over a week. Still totally worth it!

  500. Phil R.

    Great service

  501. Daniel L.


  502. Bob G.

    I and very satisfied with the quality work and turn around. I am completely impressed. i would refer your service to anyone.

  503. Jessie C.

    My driver’s side rear seat belt was locked and it wouldnt unlock. Dealership wanted $150.00 just for the replacement seat belt. I said screw that, went on YouTube to see if I could fix it myself, saw an ad for these guys, and it was only like $70.00 all said and done shipping and all. Sent it on a Monday, it arrived at their location on Wednesday, they fixed it and had it shipped the same day. I received it on Friday, installed it, and have had zero issues since. Will definitely be recommending this company and will use their services again most definitely should I have any similar issues.

  504. Jeremy F.

    They’re great. My seat belt came back looking like the factory original and working like it too.

  505. Bobbi G.

    Great service. I’ve had 2 seat belts repaired because of my pup chewing on them. I highly recommend using Safety Restore. Very fast service, and my seat belts work better than before. Thank you Safety Restore!

  506. Ilija K.

    Thank you Safety Restore.
    You guys are wonderful

  507. Robert W.

    Chevy Silverado cluster repaired after the speedometer decided to call it quits. Dealer wanted a pretty penny and then some for programming and labor. No thanks.

  508. Jeraco J.

    Great company with a very fast turnaround. I have never had a problem with them.
    AAAAAA++++++ Rating with me and I would highly recommended them.

  509. Tyler W.

    Safety restore was amazing! They let me know they received my belts and had them shipped out the very next day. When I received them they were wrapped perfectly and looked great!!!

  510. Dale S.

    This was my first experience with Safetyrestore and it worked out well. The seatbelt is perfect. Thanks.

  511. Robert K.

    Had the fuel gauge not working and got me in a pickle twice already. I know GM’s have the issue with stepper motors, I just didn’t know of a reputable company that works on them.

  512. William M.

    Quick turnaround even with the holiday involved. I’m a repeat customer and have always been satisfied. Good folks to do business with.

  513. Stefan E.


  514. Dave T.

    This is the second time I’ve used their services. Great value and turn around time, I would highly recommend them.

  515. Lawrence S.

    They did a good job and got them back fast

  516. Andrew A.

    Safety Restore tech support was easy to work with and the fast service was appreciated best of all no more blinking air bag light.

  517. Ben C.

    Working great good work thanks

  518. Robert K.

    Great service and communication. Highly recommended.

  519. Dave K.

    I’ve never gave anyone a review ,not even a thumbs up.
    But,safety restore is fast and no nonsense company,l had seat belts and control module repaired,something was wrong with my control module that one plant couldn’t clear safety data they sent it to a sister company that could on there dime,gave me a rapid refund on that item .sister company fixed it and billed me and still done in timely manner.I highly recommend safety restore to everyone and will use them again if needed.

  520. Tim M.

    Happy customer

  521. Craig T.

    Thanks for all your help with my seat belts, couldn’t be happier with your company and product!!

  522. Linda E.

    My husband & I were both surprised that when the people at Safety Restore said that the turn around is quick. They weren’t just saying words the customers want to hear. They mean what they say & say what they mean. Highly recommend Safety Restore? You betcha! Professional & impeccable business ethics. Thank you Safety Restore for your service. You are very much appreciated.

  523. Tim S.

    Very happy they did great job !!

  524. Luis M.


  525. patrick k.

    Having been in the automotive industry for thirty years I have used numerous outside vendors for a number of needs, giving your clients a quality product and extremely competitive pricing structure I am remaining loyal to Safety Restore until the end.

  526. [email protected]

    Fixed and works now.

  527. Kris P.

    Quick turn around. SRS module reset and works great. Scanner codes and reads everything correctly.

  528. Arty

    Was waiting for safetyrestore to start doing cluster repairs! Thank you :pray:

  529. Chris M.

    You guys did an EXCELLENT job on my 2007 Nissan Frontier seat belts. Thank you

  530. Axel N.

    Replaced my tattered seatbelts on a 1996 Miata. The new seatbelts look amazing and the turnaround time was quick as advertised.

  531. Todd S.

    Great results, fast turn around!

  532. Karen V.

    Quick turnaround and answer any questions you may have quickly!! Will definitely use them again!!

  533. Michael G.

    So glad that I found Safty Retore,much better than the dealer prices.

  534. Frank H.

    The seat belt was frayed on my 20 year old pick up truck. It would not pass state inspection. The dealer did not make a replacement any longer and I could not find one anywhere online. Safety restore replaced the webbing for under $100. Got the belt back in under a week. Awesome service!

  535. Omar L.

    The job was. A 100% well done

  536. John B.

    Sent in a set of mangled ’67 VW Beetle seat belts and they were returned in new condition!! Staff even re-attached the “VW Germany’ tags that were on the original belts!! If your car is old then why are you trusting your life and your grandchildren’s safety to old tired stained belts? For a small investment your old belts are made new again – safe, clean and serviceable! I cannot say enough nice things about the service right from prompt e-mail replies to the fellow who took my payment via phone – all great!! We have two other old cars and the belts will be redone by Safety Restore in the spring.

  537. Todd F.

    My seat belts came back fast and perfect

  538. Agustin G.

    very good and fast service.

  539. Radwan D.

    Excellent and quick service

  540. Bogdan O.

    Good quality service.

  541. Cedric R.

    Thanks so much for your service and timely return of my equipment. I was thoroughly impressed

  542. Mario A.

    Great service, awesome turn around time

  543. Charles L.

    All around good work

  544. Courtney F.

    Communication was great and got my products back in a timely fashion.

  545. Dennis K.

    A company that is a hidden gem! Very professional, quality of work is beyond expectations, fix and return can’t be touch by any other company that I have dealt with.

  546. Queens A.

    It was great!

  547. Alija H.

    Cleared my airbag warning light, fast service, and good customer service. 5 stars.

  548. Diaz D.

    Great service! Seat belts work great! Always deal with you guys.

  549. Lowell H.

    Very quick turn around very happy and will use them again

  550. Daniel O.

    Use this service all the time with no problems.

  551. Jamie E.

    fast service

  552. Apolonio C.

    Awesome job looks like new and back to normal great job

  553. Apolonio C.

    After small accident seat belt locked and now its back to new with this service saved money great work awesome job

  554. Richard I.

    Pretty good work, it was decent timing and simple process for any first timers, will be doing another one soon

  555. Jaime R.

    Seat belt work great after repair and still is more than 2 years after the repairs thanks

  556. Gary R.

    Easy to understand directions on what exactly to do, if not you can call and talk to a rep. in person. Our seat belts came back looking and Working like new, for a fraction of the cost of new or even wrecking yard seatbelts, Thanks!

  557. Mark L.

    Thank you for the excellent service and great product. Turn around time can’t be beat.

  558. Jackie E.

    they are great

  559. Alaa A.

    very good

  560. Amber S.

    SRS Repaired my seatbelts But then I had a dealership told me that the seatbelts were no good I called SRS and they informed me that I need in my module repaired before my seat belts or airbags would say that they worked. I’m surprised that the dealership didn’t know this but SRS was certain what the problem was. They save me a lot of time and money I recommend sending anything here for repair!

  561. Kevin M.


  562. David H.

    Repaired my seatbelt quickly!

  563. Melvin F.

    Airbag module

  564. phillip b.


  565. Nikola T.

    Excellent experience. Was fast, communicative. I asked for an extra picture of the seat belt color and they quickly texted me a picture to make my decision. Exactly as advertised with good service.

  566. Rosa F.

    Excellent and fast return on repairs

  567. Stanley B.

    Seat belt was sent in, reconstructed and delivered back within a week; right on time while the car was being repaired.

  568. Kris P.

    I was hesitant like many others about rewriting the crash data. The only reason I decided to try it was because Honda specifically states that the SRS module is rewritable when you look up the part number. I work in computers so I completely understand the process.

    After receiving my module back I installed it and initialized the airbag system and calibrated passenger weight sensor and everything was great.

    I inspected the work and it appears they don’t touch the circuit board or if they do they have the proper equipment to complete the work properly.

    I was very satisfied I just sent in another module for for 2012 Porsche 911.

  569. Art B.

    Seat belts look awesome now. Nice easy quick transaction.

  570. Jamie E.

    fast service!

  571. Mohammad A.

    great service. hands down best operator. highly recommended.

  572. Robert M.

    Thanks to DDE, I found a reliable and professional company that delivers quality repairs…thanks!

  573. Fred B.

    I hit a deer with my car, and the seat belts reset, but not airbags nor any other damage to me car, which was completely driveable. Finding someone to re-set the seat belts was a real ordeal. I called 15 local shops, and they turned me down flat, as did one Ford dealer. Another Ford dealer said they would do it, but it would cost a fortune. Finally I found a local shop which could remove the front belts so I could ship them to SafetyRestore. (It was WAY more complicated than their video indicates, and no way I could have done it myself.)
    The shop took them out and I shipped the same day to SafetyRestore. Got 24-hour turnaround, as they advertise.
    The only glitch was that the restored belts are classed as “explosives” due to the cartridge inside them, and legally they can’t be shipped by air. So it took 2 1/2 days to get the belts back. You need to be aware of this if you don’t live in Mass. or Southern Calif.
    Once installed at the local shop, the alarm light went off, and it’s AOK !

  574. Javier S.

    Excellent service!

  575. Everett B.

    I mailed my dog-shredded seatbelts to you last Saturday afternoon from Seattle, and was happily surprised to see them on their way back to me Monday afternoon. I installed them Wednesday night, and the car is back on the road all before my wife returns from her business trip. Whew! Now, it will just be a funny story when I tell her, not the deeply unpleasant experience it otherwise might have been.
    Thank you VERY much for your prompt, top quality service!

  576. Matt H.

    Amazing results, quick turn around

  577. Mark T.

    I don’t give reviews but for this I have to. Awesome service. Awesome product. Super fast delivery.

  578. Notis

    I sent original hardware from a 1970 Mercedes with new webbing for sewing pieces together. The work was very good, except one belt. When I indicated that to the customer service team, they asked to send it back, free of shipping cost to repair. The item returned in great shape. Many companies do things right, but when a problem occurs, the great ones correct it and respond accordingly.

  579. Josh L.

    Thanks for a great job refurbishing my belts. Also thanks for the tips on my first redo of blown belts

  580. Richard W.

    Thank you. I called the dealer and they wanted $ 504.00 plus tax just for the belt.

  581. Redline M.

    Very good pricing along with very fast turnaround! Great guys to deal with!

  582. Roberto A.


  583. A s.

    Excelente servicio, muy profesional

  584. Manning P.

    Easy to book and deal with and timely repairs and freight. Thanks!

  585. Richard M.

    If you want to save this is the way to go

  586. Tony M.

    very satisfied, they said all we had to do was plug it in , and they were right ,we did not have to reprogram it, looking foward to useing saftey restore again.

  587. Joel F.

    I can’t say enough about “Safety-Restore”, but I will say that when it comes to service and dependability I have found non better and will recommend their services to anyone professional or other wise.
    Joel’ Custom Paint and Body Works-Joel Francis

  588. Richard F.

    All was good, thanks!

  589. Northstar A.

    These guys are the best

  590. Steve C.

    Seat Belt works Great.

  591. Michael V.

    Thanks again quick service and great money saving repairs Thanks again Used your service never disappointed Thanks again

  592. Kevin T.

    This firm saved me a boatload of $$$$ on the rebuild of my Bentley GTC. Highly recommended, 5 stars!!

  593. Eric A.


  594. Clayton B.

    This saved me from paying the dealership $950.00 for a new airbag control unit. They notified me for every step of the process, and the repair was completed within a day of them receiving it. I very carefully followed the installation instructions and the airbag light has been off for a month now.

  595. Vitalie F.


  596. paul g.

    Fast service

  597. Kevin M.

    Great work and very fast turn around. Very satisfied. You must do business with this company

  598. Bruno R.

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  600. Andy Y.

    We really appreciate the service and we definitely will recommend to our peers in automotive business.

  601. Pawel K.

    thanks so much for your help

  602. Yury S.

    Great job will continue recommending

  603. Anderson R.

    very good service, fast

  604. Kirk T.

    called n did seatbelt repair over phone direct instead of going through ebay, thought I may save a few dollars as I know what ebay charges but almost had to pay more as they tried to charge me shipping , got that resolved and payed same price as ebay, they redeemed themselves with lightning fast service and quick shipping back to me

  605. Dakota M.

    Easy to mail off and return packages. Will use again soon.

  606. Mohamed Y.

    Very good service

  607. Yohana D.

    process on time

  608. Carleigh S.

    As advertised. Good communication, Good workmanship, and timely restore and return. I recommend these people and the job they do.

    Stephen G. Slater
    Seattle, WA

  609. Tad R.

    I was very pleased with the accurate work and fast service of Safety Restore. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs to repair/restore vehicle safety systems at a fraction of the cost of component replacement

  610. Above I.

    These guys services very quick turnaround and always done right the first time I’ve use you guys at least 10 times thank you for the service

  611. Vitalie F.

    very good service, fast

  612. James J.

    I had my rear seat belts straps color changed and Safety Restore did a great job. There turn around time really is one business day and the belts were returned in a well packaged box. Also, the price was lower than anyone else that I have found. I would recommend there service to anyone.

  613. Alex N.

    Great and fast service!!!

  614. Ira S.

    After a minor accident in which airbag on steering wheel deployed, you empowered me to make my own repair! Glad I stuck with a well-known established company like Safety Restore for my resets to seatbelt and SRS computer. Thanks for your fast reliable service!

  615. Chann P.

    Safety Restore had my items repaired and on the way back to me within 24 hrs. The seatbelt and module work perfectly.

  616. Arnold O.

    I have yet had any problems so far.

  617. Joseph A.

    Got my air bag module reset

  618. Alejandro C.

    The items arrived in 1 week (i live in Spain). The process was fast and they help in every step. I didn’t have to pay any taxes after i received it. THANK YOU

  619. Scott R.

    Everything works great now. Got the repair done in one day. The length of time was 1 week. Shipping took the most time. Great job.

  620. Gordy J.

    This is the only way to have your seat belts repaired. I missed up sending them a couple of things they need to do the work, They were able to supply them and do the work with out any extra charge. Very under standing on what I was needing and went above to make it work for me, I will use them again the next time I need my seat belts repaired . Very fast turn around time. I had the seat belts back and installed in about 4 days.

  621. Ammar A.

    I have used safety restore’s services for all my seatbelt repairs and airbag module repairs. They get everything done ASAP and ship it to you the next day! Looking forward to doing more business with them!

  622. Aaron P.

    First time customer very satisfied with the work shipping wasn’t great but not the companies problem

  623. Anderson R.

    very good service, so fast

  624. Bruno R.

    Très bon service et très rapide. Pour le service au Canada, faut prevoir des frais supplémentaires de douanes payable à l’arrivé du colis.

  625. Cory

    Fast shipping, good communication. This is a great shop for all your seat belt repair needs.

  626. Rogelio P.

    Best service! Everything worked as expected.

  627. Dwayne W.

    Service was great and quick, good company to do business with

  628. North I.

    Great job fast turn around

  629. abdiqadir m.

    the seatbelt works for now and I liked it.

  630. Steve C.

    very fast service, Better than expected.

  631. THOMAS P.

    This company saved me loads of money and time and the specific color match was awesome. The only thing that could improve their service is if they had someone to remove and install the seatbelt for you 😉 Great company and awesome customer service. Would highly recommend.

  632. Hassan O.

    great service, highly recommend!!

  633. Jeff D.

    Worked great!

  634. Cheryll A.

    We needed a repair on our seatbelt. We sent it and within just a couple of days we had our seatbelt back and installed. It matched perfectly and has worked great.

  635. Crystal S.

    Needed a pre-tensioner done for a 2013 Honda Accord Sport. Shipped it to Safety Restore, and they had in done inside 2 days of receiving it. I will be doing business with them again!

  636. Roman K.

    My first time using this service and I could not have been more please with results. Awesome service! Highly recommend! God bless you guys!

  637. Joseph B.

    I appreciate the fast turnaround time on the seatbelt repairs!

  638. Bradly B.

    They received the seat belt about 8:30am and had it shipped out the same afternoon. The seat belt came back with the new webbing and was in perfect working order.

  639. Brandon S.

    great job – works like new! but saved me from buying new… so glad I found you!

  640. Robert N.

    Sent my seat belts and module out on a Monday had them back on the following Friday. They worked perfectly after I installed them!

  641. Trey M.

    Extremely fast had it there and back within a week. Everything worked as it should. Saves a lot of time and money

  642. Robert L.

    Have a Murano that had a airbag seatbelt light flashing safety restore took care of problem

  643. Delbert P.

    fixed quickly, and shipped very quickly, would use again.

  644. Mohammad A.

    Excellent work. Prompt response and great communication. Kept you posted about the progress via emails throughout the process.

  645. Adam S.

    The restored belt was shipped on time and worked with absolutely no issues. Works as well as it did originally.

  646. Robert S.

    Sent out the belt and module for the repair -was notified when the part was received and repaired and was shipped back ( 1 week ) GREAT JOB GUYS -THANK YOU

  647. Oswaldo V.

    Excelent services work and communication

  648. Alex R.

    Great Job at a great price.

  649. CCC S.

    very quick and good work

  650. George R.

    I am very impressed with the service provided. Not only was the repair done quickly, but relative to what the dealer wanted to charge, it was a bargain! I would highly recommend SafetyRestore service to anyone with a seat belt problem.

  651. Andrey B.

    Great service!

  652. Joseph S.


  653. Classic G.

    Great service with fair prices!

  654. Linda M.

    Quick service

  655. Oscar R.

    the service and return time has been outstanding. 100% recommended.

  656. David S.

    I mailed my seatbelt on Monday arrived at Safety Restore on Wednesday, they had it repaired and back in the mail same day and I had it back on Friday. It was clean, wrapped, and ready to install.

  657. Kumanan V.

    – Restored seat belts worked flawlessly
    – as promised 24hrs turnaround time.
    – well packed

  658. Aleksandr K.

    Fast service

  659. Arvin R.

    I sent off my seatbelt and SRS module off for repairs and the turn around was fast. Thanks

  660. Barry B.

    Just like they advertise. Answered all my questions and turned the repair around in 24 hours. Works like new.

  661. Peter Y.

    great work….unreal turnaround….thank you!

  662. Classic G.

    Great service with fair prices and fast turnaround

  663. Richard B.

    Fast service, rebuilt parts look like new. Still trying to figure out why the airbag light did not go out.

  664. Notis

    They did a quick and fine job.

  665. Kirby M.

    Easy transaction

  666. Josh L.

    I sent in my seat belt from my ’04 GTO. It would not retract anymore. I sent it in, and had it back in a little over a week. Fast shipping, and my seat belt works again! Highly recommend their service. I will use them again should the need arise.

  667. Jason C.

    Services on my seat belt and module were prompt and priced right

  668. Gary C.

    Same 5 star service…………

  669. Rosa F.

    Customer service is excellent.

  670. Laurence M.

    Very impressed with how quick and professional these guys are. They took my call quickly and did my repair quickly and efficiently.

  671. Godfrey E.

    Safety Restore was unable to repair my module since it had a hardware issue. They sent it directly to another repair company who repaired it. That is the way you take care of a customer. Great job!

  672. Dirar A.

    Great job fast service

  673. Russell H.

    I had a seat belt and SRS reset on a 2012 Honda Fit and the service is fantastic. Hopefully I won’t need them again 🙂

  674. Taylor S.

    Amazing work by safety restore! They fixed my seatbelt and airbag module saving me 800-1000 dollars vs having done at the dealer. While installing the seatbelt the first time I did it incorrectly and re locked the seatbelt. I contacted them about it and they fixed it for free under their warranty. I would highly recommend safety restore to anyone looking to save money on post accident repairs!

  675. Stewart S.

    My 2000 Nissan Frontier was in a head-on crash and both front seat belts were disabled.I was able to buy a new driver’s seat belt assembly, but none were available for the passenger side. I love in Mexico so I removed the broken belt assembly and brought it with me on a recent 10 day trip to the US. I mailed it in, and it was repaired and mailed back to me within 24 hours of SafetyRestore’s receipt of it. I brought it back to Mexico and reinstalled it. It works perfectly! I was very pleased with the entire process.

  676. AMC I.

    Professional experience fast service

  677. Jessie Z.

    Turn around was awesome. Installed in customer vehicle at this point no complaint.

  678. Hector R.

    Fast return, professional repari :+1:

  679. Alozie N.

    They were the most affordable out of all the options I researched. It wasn’t too difficult to remove the seat belt from my car. I mailed it and they got it back in the mail to me within 24 hours like they said. I would absolutely use their services again

  680. Hector J.

    Thank u vry much. I received my seat belt very fast. Thank u all .
    Héctor, Puerto Rico.

  681. Delaney D.

    Safety Restor did an amazing job rewebbing my stock VW belts in yellow. Everything looks extremely well done and as good as if not better than stock. They even stiched the stock tag back onto the belts!

  682. Joe H.

    Done very fast ( good turn around ) saved lots of money over buying new

  683. Dan J.

    Safety Restore did a Great job with my seatbelt and air bag module. They were returned quickly and were all set to go.

  684. Rob J.

    Everything was delivered in the timeframe and working condition that was advertised. Highly recommend!

  685. Darren S.

    Amazing Work

  686. Enrique W.


  687. Michael T.

    Worked perfect, no airbag light! Thanks!

  688. Dave F.

    Recieved the part back quickly and without any problems

  689. Scott K.

    seat belt repair

  690. Stephen H.

    Fast turnaround. Had a dog chewed center rear seatbelt in my new Honda Ridgeline. SafetyRestore had a nice new belt through and on the original fittings back to me in only about 5 days from when I sent mine in from the west coast. Highly recommended to anyone.

  691. Brian B.

    I called because I didn’t see my model number and they not only said don’t worry they would take care of it, but they said use the generic on-sale price so I saved $10! Actually I saved $2,000 not buying a new module! Very quick turn.

  692. Diana T.

    Great and quick service! Couldn’t do better than that! happy on my repair and my product Thank You.

  693. Fejsal S.

    Fejsal sivac

  694. Jose A.


  695. Jon J.

    Very fast turn around to reset airbag module to factory settings. Worked perfectly!

  696. Fabian R.

    Didn’t have any problem. Just sent 3 modules

  697. Charles W.


  698. Gregory N.

    These guys do a great job. And if there is an issue , they resolve it with no problems.Thank you!

  699. Eric G.

    I got my parts fast . No more airbag light and my seatbelt works great . Thanks Eric

  700. Peter M.

    Much cheaper then a new one

  701. Hugo T.

    Straight forward process fast and easy

  702. John A.

    Fast, effective, and saved me a lot of money!

  703. Randy M.

    I was looking for way to change my seatbelt color and didn’t want to spend a arm and a leg like going through GM or or building a set from scratch and hoping a upholstery shop sewn it as good as the factory would have, to much to bet on my life, but when I found you guys I could tell I found my answer and when I got them back they looked perfect and when I got them in my Vette and sent pictures off to people I know you probably got a few jobs from it. Thank You for the great work something that is missing these days

  704. tom c.

    great turn around

  705. Rickie B.

    great job

  706. Jerry S.

    My daughter had an accident and blew her airbag. From the day I sent it out till I got it back was only 4 days, the seat belt and the airbag actuator both work perfect. I would use these guys anytime

  707. Slavco M.

    Very fast and reliable service. Seatbelts are good as new.

  708. Fabian R.

    Turn around was as promised. Installed it but have to send srs to be reset so will see in about a week.

  709. Brian L.

    They did everything they said that they would

  710. Brent R.

    I sent it in hoping it would work and just as it states on their web page they hade deleted all codes I changed air bag and seat belt plugged it in and no airbag light ! It saved me about $1100 compared to buying a new module very happy I went with this company and with their work also very happy on how fast work was complete and module returned

  711. Nathan B.

    I learned a lot very quickly about seat belts when mine stopped working on my salvage title car. I also learned a dealer will charge $400-$500 to replace it, brand new ones are $200 so this was a bargain. Plus it felt good to do it myself.

  712. LRL S.

    Definitely using this company for all my veichles very easy fast shipping and reliable.. “have no fear, safety restore is here” ! -LRL AUTO

  713. Gerardo H.

    Safety restore did a wonderful job of restoring my seat belt. It was a easy process to send them in for repair

  714. Rickie B.

    your the man

  715. Peter C.

    You guys are great! With your help I was able to get my 2005 Ford CVPI to pass the crazy Virginia Auto inspection.

    If not for your service, I would have paid a shop more than the car was worth to get my seatbelts fixed and the airbag light reset.



  716. George S.

    Every item I send to have fix was done correctly I am happy how it turns out .Will recommend safety restore to all you people out there

  717. Guillermo H.

    Great work and customer service! Thank you…

  718. Thien B.


  719. Humberto C.

    Overall stellar experience. After much research I was referred to Safety Restore; followed their clear steps; received an email immediately to confirm receipt of module and another after they completed the work. Received back quickly and shortly there after; reinstalled and that vexing dashboard light was no more. I have no reservations recommending Safety Restore to all that require a cost effective solution and premier service. Keep up the great work, you deserve this glowing review.

  720. Alex Tsvor

    thanks for the colorful seatbelts! hope to do more business in future

  721. North I.

    great job

  722. Dale C.

    I have had seat belt and modules fixed, with great results at a fraction of the cost

  723. Eloy R.

    Good service

  724. Cosmin R.

    Unbelievable fast and professional service-3 hours turnaround. They also diagnosed a related part for free. Hope I don’t need but would always use and recommend

  725. Clark S.

    Dog chewed the webbing on my BMW X3. It was hard to find an exact replacement that was not from the dealership. Safety restore re-webed the belt that I already had. This way I was sure it was the correct belt for the car and was much cheaper than a new one from a dealer.

  726. James B.

    Fixed stuck seat belt in one day

  727. Chi L.

    They fixed our module perfectly & so quickly. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend.

  728. John G.

    I’ve been using them for years and I always get prompt service and everything is professional and works just great….

  729. Jennifer D.

    And twice safetyrestore has saved the day. Reasonable pricing; speedy, high-quality repairs; and responsive customer service. Saved us thousands versus the dealership. What more can you ask for?

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  731. James T.

    I had the Seat Belt Webbing replaced in a 1993 Corvette; Safety Restore did an outstanding job and the belts look an operate just like new. In fact, they did such a superb job I am having the webbing replaced in my 1968 Mustang.

    I highly recommend Safety Restore they are true professionals.

    Thanks guys the belts look great!

  732. Michael K.

    you guys did a great job with the replacement and time it took to turn them around

  733. Gerald M.

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