Seat Belt Repair – Single Stage
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Seat Belt Repair – Single Stage


Our single stage seat belt repair is compatible with all car makes and models. Single stage simply means there is one plug or wire connector on the seat belt. This repair service is for seat belts that have been locked or blown after an accident.

(1779 customer reviews)

1779 reviews for Seat Belt Repair – Single Stage

  1. Teo P.


  2. Ken F.

    quick service, thanks

  3. Michael B.

    My half- eaten seat belt was returned to me looking and working like new. What more could you ask?

  4. Easy N.



    Great job on my seat belt, as good as new.

  6. Garren W.

    Airbag Light completely corrected after Safety Restore did the module repair. Also, they repaired my front seat belts, I save a lot of money, received fast service!

  7. Dan J.

    The module was reset and worked just as they said it would.

  8. Souhad S.

    fast service

  9. doug d.

    Service was excellent and prompt very helpful

  10. Raymond W.

    Great service with acceptable turn around time for the diy mechanic. Saved Hundreds rather then going to dealer for new parts. Why buy new when you have a company that can repair.

  11. Bruce H.

    These folks done a fine job getting my Mustang seatbelts lined back out. Thanks!!!!!

  12. Azrudin S.

    Seatbelt and module

  13. Stephen H.

    I changed my entire interior which made the seat belts not match. I didn’t want to spend a lot purchasing new seat belts, that’s where Safety Restore became a great option. They changed my webbing, it looks great and the seat belt operates better than before.

  14. Benjamin F.

    Safety restore just save me a lot money

  15. Albert B.

    quick EXTRA courtesy transaction that of COURSE fixed the problem as well ! SOOOOOO satisfied !

  16. John S.

    Good service

  17. Arthur B.

    I was very pleased with the work that Safety Restore accomplished on my 1995 Ford Ranger XLT seat belt. I don’t know how you did it, but the belt was indistinguishable from one that was brand new one and the retractor was adjusted and now it snaps back into place with a purpose. Thanks for your quality work and quick turnaround.

  18. Martin S.

    Sent in detonated driver side seat belt for 2011 F150. They received Friday morning. They repaired by lunchtime. And they sent back thru postal service. I received by Monday mid morning. Very quick repair and turn around. Plugged into truck and cleared code. The factory replacement was $485.00. They’re price was 85.00. Saved me alot of money! Am very happy with complete process. Have recommended to other
    co workers!!!

  19. Aleksandr B.

    Reasonable prices, fast service.

  20. michael m.

    Perfect service

  21. Byron A.


  22. Dirk C.

    worked perfect. no codes no problems quick turnaround

  23. Mascha C.

    My son bought his first truck, didn’t really notice the seatbelt error. Local mechanic wanted to charge $300 to fix it. Found Safety Restore online, and sent in the seatbelt pretensioner. Very quick turnaround, less than 3 days, and for $80 including shipping, the problem was fixed! Great service, would recommend to anyone!

  24. Xtreme S.


  25. Mark G.

    My bird dog suddenly decided my driver’s side seat belt would make a great snack and ate it in half. Because my truck is my main source of transportation, I was unable to drive it without this vital safety mechanism. I researched Safety Restore and mailed the entire seat belt & ratchet, etc. Exactly 7 days later the seat belt returned to me in wonderful condition with its new webbing. Great job!

  26. Michael B.

    I would like to personally thank you guys for helping me with my seat belts. My son got my older truck total by no fault of his own. I did not want to send this fine truck to the junkyard. With your help this truck as been raised from the ashes her name is Phoenix thank you so much

  27. cindy w.

    Safetyrestore is always easy to work with. The staff is friendly and helpful.

  28. Frances H.

    I ordered a replacement seat belt for front passenger seat. Looks great, exact match in color, and passed inspection in VA! We watched the online video for removal and installation in our 2010 Camry and didn’t have a problem.

  29. Warren F.

    good job everything went smooth

  30. Marco B.

    The process was fast and easy, I received my repaired seat belts on time. Highly recommended.

  31. Anthony T.

    Safety restore did everything they said they would. I was very impressed and pleased with their services. I highly recommend using them and i will definitely use them again. (Super fast service )

  32. Cody H.

    Great service, quick turnaround to Canada.

  33. Jim M.

    The dealer wanted $594 for a new belt. Safety Restore repaired my belt for less than $100 including shipping. Belt works like new and is guaranteed for life. Goodbye dealer, hello Safety Restore.

  34. Rick W.

    Great service, fast turnaround, I will be using them again.

  35. Gregg H.

    Quick and on time

  36. paul c.

    Everything went smooth and easy

  37. Craig B.

    Excellent job. Fast. Very nice job

  38. Dennis M.

    These folks do excellent work, super quick turnaround, reliable service.

  39. Kevin S.

    Timely turn around and seat belt works again. Much cheaper than new

  40. Douglas J.

    The driver side was badly frayed due to the lower belt guide breaking. I continue to use the belt anyway even though it became even more frayed and also it eventually stopped retracting. I finally sent it off to get new webbing and any repairs needed. SafetyRestore did a wonderful job getting the repaired belt back to me in the time they committed to.The belt looked great and retracts like new. If the passenger side ever has an issue I’ll be using SafetyRestore to repair it.

  41. Matthew H.

    I will say after a snafu with the wrong belts they made it right and the service was excellent. The work was completed very fast and I liked being able to get updates on the progress of my work being completed.

  42. Corey S.

    Entire process is a breeze; and got my car back together super quick and A LOT cheaper than what the dealership wanted to charge me to have the air safety equipment replaced. Highly recommended.

  43. Jose B.

    Fast and Reliable

  44. ab w.

    Hello, They did a good job,no complaints.

  45. Birgit M.

    Great service – we were informed at every step and when my husband called to get help, the response was great.

  46. Ferris J.

    Great customer service, means equally as much as the products and services you offer.
    FJDI Motors

  47. Terri O.

    If you ever find yourself in the predicament where you need seatbelts fixed due to the airbag deploying – box ’em up and send ’em here. It’s fast and you will save a ton of money. I am thankful for each team member who assisted with my order. I can’t say enough good things!! Somebody was brilliant to start this company. I wish you all much success!

  48. Vincent A.

    They deliver what they promise

  49. Alexander

    Exelent work!

  50. Marlon M.

    The service was great and quick, I love the turn around time.

  51. francesco l.

    The process of sending and receiving my seatbelt and air bag module was seamless. Great company to work with.

  52. Jan-Ove J.

    i am international byer , send my seatbelts for repair and it work out beautiful . best way to make transaction is to chat live and pay for shipping . great , absolutely no problem .

    janne sweden

  53. karl y.

    The work was done in a timely & excellent fashion.

  54. Nathan H.

    My dog chewed on one of my seat-belts and replaced the webbing and returned in a timely fashion.

  55. jose a.

    Great work thanks

  56. Jimmy K.

    Great service & great experience. Definitely recommend!

  57. Joseph G.

    Fast and simple!

  58. Jeff 3.

    I am completely satisfied with the service and am planning to use you again next week on another vehicle. thanks! jeff hogan

  59. Rick w.

    great turn time and appears to be ready to go

  60. Warren W.

    Russ did great job.

  61. Jeffery S.

    Fast turnaround, saved me hundreds of dollars. Thank you.

  62. John G.

    sent out on Saturday from iowa received back the following Friday (6 day turnaround). installed module in car (07 focus) connected scan tool (bosch 1300) retest for codes selected and deleted codes (apparently still registered in ecm after crash) etcetera on car / once code were removed from car memory, srs / airbag light went out — salgood now

  63. Vernon V.

    Quick and quality service. Thank you

  64. karl y.

    They were installed in my 2016 VW Sportwagen at a VW Dealer & all the fault lights were then turned off & all spec’s were met.

  65. Jeremy C.

    Good price and fast turn around!

  66. Stephen H.

    I changed the interior in my vehicle and the seat belts know longer matched. I needed to change the webbing so I called on Safety restore. I mailed them in and received them back in less then a week. They are beautiful and work like brand new. This is the only place to use for all your seat belt needs. Thank you! safety restore!

  67. Ricardo G.

    had 07 nissan frontier seatbelts unlocked and air bad module reset.
    all worked as expected and all working back on the truck.
    i will use them again in the future if i need that kind of work again.

  68. Bijad A.

    they did good job and they are professional

  69. Cameron T.

    You guys absolutely saved me from getting ripped off at the dealership! Customer service was A+, quality was A+, and the speed of delivery was ridiculously fast. For airbag of seatbelt repairs you would be CRAZY not to use these guys.

  70. Christopher B.

    As one of the final items installed during the total restoration of this fine old truck, I could not be more pleased ! Quality of workmanship and material beyond my expectations. Your staff is professional and most helpful. Thanks to all at SaftyRestore.

  71. Paul H.

    Fast service, seat belt is good as new.

  72. James H.

    Everything working fine. Glad I found this site saved hundreds Thanks.

  73. Stephen L.

    Quick turn around- working flawless just as advertised. Saved me over $150.Will use again if I need to…

  74. V’ R.

    Fast services

  75. V’ R.


  76. V’ R.

    will buy again

  77. US C.

    I had send 2009 audi A4 seat belt fixing after it came back we installed the light were gone thanks to Safety Restore

  78. Cars Y.

    Fast turn around have not had any problems with them will continue doing high volume business with them… mainly seat belt resets

  79. Roxy S.

    Seatbelt repair Honda CRV

  80. jeffery m.

    Excellent service

  81. Willis F.

    Sent in a broken 1995 Dodge Conversion van Seat belt. Wouldn’t unretract. Safety Restore was able to bring it back to working order in just a days turnaround time. Highly recommended!

  82. Alejandro G.

    Loved the service provided, return shipping was fast.
    (Seatbelt tensioner service)

  83. Barry K.

    I was very satisfied with your service and friendly staff,this is very important to me since this was a first for me with this type of repair and it was important to have my questions answered. I may do more work with these components in the future and will definitely use your services again.

  84. Randy M.

    delivered on the 24 hour turn around time they promised and my scion srs reset went perfect because the light is now off. A+.

  85. Michael B.

    Exceptional customer service. Safety Restore helped me prep my seatbelts for disassembly and shipment before I ever agreed to their service. They went above and beyond to ensure I was taken care of and their turn around time was quick. Highly recommend using this company.

  86. Jeffrey H.

    No problems, quick friendly customer service

  87. Angel G.

    Everything works great

  88. Luis L.

    Thanks great service fast turn around shipping

  89. Richard B.

    Verry helpful staff assisted with diagnosing problems.

  90. Jodi A.

    The services was wonderful. They answered all my questions by text in a timely matter. The 24 hour turn around was wonderful.
    I would recommend them to anyone.

  91. Michael R.

    Fast turn around , put everything back in and all lights shut off. Awesome customer service. Will be using them again on my next repairable build. Thanks safety restore team!!!!

  92. Brenda K.

    Clean, neat stitches. Quality material. Completed in the time promised in their advertising.

  93. Richard G.

    The seatbelt with the new webbing got back to me really quick, and the webbing looks great and the belt works again!

  94. Tai

    The best service and safety

  95. Irvin P.

    Excellent Service

  96. Bashar A.

    I had a great experience dealing with safety restore staff I recommend them and ask for future repairs …thanks

  97. Monica G.

    Prompt service

  98. Jeffrey s.

    Module worked fine, back to OE specs.

  99. Vasyl K.

    Awesome! Quick repair and just what I was looking for… dealer charges way to much.

  100. Dan R.

    not much to say besides the fact that my new orange seat belts look awesome… literally can never go back to normal webbing colors now that i know this is possible. thanks guys, was a pleasure to work with you!

  101. Amy F.

    Couldn’t decide between red and blue seat belts for a while, but ended up with blue and now that I have them installed in my car, I’m very happy with the decision!

  102. David F.

    my girlfriend surprised me by getting this purple seat belt webbing replacement service while my car was in the shop.. i was only expecting to pick it up with a new bumper but was shocked to find the purple seat belts upgrade.. looks soooo good!

  103. Timmy M.

    Quick turnaround and excellent quality repair!

  104. Arturo F.

    I am so happy I found safety restore on ebay, I could not believe when they restor all my seat belts on my Mercedes, they now operate like new and the air bag on the car went out, I give them 5 stars.

  105. Terrance O.

    Excellent service and saved a lot of money. Highly recommended.

  106. Sword M.


  107. Dereck K.

    Prompt service and worked perfectly

  108. Brinckman F.

    In very happy with the work you guys to my 2 seatbelts and the airbag module.
    Thanks again

  109. Mariah R.

    I’ve used safety restore a few times now to replace charges in seatbelts, it’s usually back at my house within a week, never had an issue.

  110. Jhon R.

    Great guys . They stand out on they job!

  111. Rayon M.

    No complaints 🙂

  112. Alexander M.

    Great guys my family love and I love you guys

  113. rami h.

    fast and ez

  114. Barney C.

    Very fast service and everything worked as promised.

  115. Scott W.

    Great Service! Quick Turnaround and repair was completed as promised.

  116. Madison C.

    My seatbelts came back within a day. Before, I had tried and failed to paint them the correct color for my new interior, and Safety Restore did a fantastic color matching job for me. The new webbing is gorgeous. I haven’t tested the functionality yet but I’m sure it will work well. My SO will be sending his seatbelts in next!

  117. Alex K.

    over the years my seat belt webbing got worn down and I couldn’t pass inspection. found safety restore online and got this service. was really simple and I got myself a nice seat belt webbing replacement that matches my existing webbing color. i recommend safety restore.

  118. Ivanna G.

    didn’t realize replacing the seat belt strap was an option until i did my research and found safety restore. literally thought i had to cash out hundreds to replace the whole seat belt so i’m pretty happy to have found them and they did a great job! thanks guys!

  119. Richard B.

    Helped me fix code

  120. Pedro M.


  121. Rick H.

    Great service and quick turn around time. Fixed my issues I had.
    Everything worked. Definitely will be using them again.

  122. Kevin C.

    Once in awhile as a customer you have an experience where things are so right it is worth noting. I am not one to rate things on the internet or make comments. I’m not even on Face Book or Twitter but I just had to say something about Safety Restore. They were personable over the phone and responsive to my e-mails. They did for me what they said they would do and I probably saved 70% of the cost of my seatbelt repair. I would call them again in a minute

  123. Daniel D.

    Repair was done quickly, and saved me a lot of money. Was looking at replacing the entire belt for $170!

  124. Angelica V.

    With all honesty, I will say they are an awesome company. Despite the fact that you personally have to send your items was my least favorite thing but it’s worth the money saved!! Here I was going to purchase brand new seat belts for 2-3 hundred dollars crazy me, and then suddenly bam:boom: my boyfriend found safety restore. First, I was skeptical but I gave it a go I paid 20$ to ship from la took about a week for them to receive my belts but there 24 hour turnaround made me happy came back 2 days after an now I’m a satisfied customer belts went in great on my camero :blue_car::grin:! Can’t thank you all enough literally save me $$. I will highly recommend you guys for sure. Thank you guys:wink:

  125. Kathryne C.

    I had My driver side seat belt fixed and I am sooooo happy I didn’t have to pay lots of $$$$$ buying a new one! Thanks again Safety Restore and I will pick Ya’ll again in the future and for My air bag module.

  126. Joseph G.

    Quick and professional, no problems.

  127. Don S.

    it’s hard to imagine my car with normal seat belts since i switched to red seat belts. it’s like a new car. really digging how great it looks. super happy with the quick service.

  128. Kristina R.

    I didn’t realize I could change my seat belt cover until I saw an ad for Safety Restore on Facebook. I couldn’t help myself once I saw the neon green color. Came out so good! Thanks guys!

  129. Dereck K.

    Very good work

  130. Brian L.

    Awesome work, fast turn around and they look Great!

  131. Warren Z.

    The seat belt not only retracts very slowly, but there is some code information that will not go away on the dashboard. Trying all of the U-tube and Nissan group information the flashing light will not go away. Is there anyting Safety Restore can do to help?

  132. Sergio M.

    Fast and Excellent service! Highly recommend!

  133. Jorge A.

    I feel very comfortable with their services and appreciate the fast service and great communication and understanding. Thank you so much.

  134. Pat S.

    Repair completed as advertised. Incredibly rapid turnaround.

  135. Julio C.

    Repaired belts and module installed and working Ok. Fast repair and shipment.

  136. Brian C.

    They were very easy to work with and deal with. They repaired my seatbelt and got back to me very quickly. Thanks for the quick work.

  137. Lazaro M.

    Seat Belt working like new, Thanks

  138. Chad D.

    Saves money from having to buy expensive new products

  139. Andrey M.

    Thank you for speedy and easy process!

  140. Nathan L.

    This is first time I used safety restore for a air bag module reset and seat belt repair . I totally satisfied their service. It really work!

  141. Jason P.

    I use them all the time great to deal with
    Jason Plummer

  142. John P.

    Quick turn around. I have not installed yet. I had been looking for replacement belts for a 96 Ford Bronco and I could not find rear seat belts. If I did most complained about not long enough and some adjustments to placement had to be made. This made it a lot easier and not adjustment.

  143. Murdock M.

    I was very impressed with the turn around time on my harness repair.

  144. Jhon R.

    Great guys they do their job ! it works! I am very happy thanks Safetyrestore :thumbsup::type_1_2:

  145. Stephen S.

    I sent in my airbag module and when it came back.the airbag light was still on. This was due to the fact that the seat belt retractor needed to be rebuilt. The plug for the retractor was bad and I mistakenly thought this was the only problem. Therefore, I hadn’t sent the retractor in for service. After rebuilding the retractor, the light was still on. They informed me that the module would need to be reset again. They offered to do that reset for free. After they provided that service for free, my airbag light is FINALLY off. Thanks so much.

  146. Tyler M.

    Service was extremely fast, and worked exactly how they said it would. Very reasonabley priced.

  147. Ryan J.

    Helpful and quick

  148. Lezley C.

    The price to fix the seatbelts was next to nothing compared to prices we quoted.

  149. Rodney W.

    worked well eith problems on my seatbelt repair

  150. Richard G.

    You received my order Friday morning and I received back noon the following Monday. You are on the east coast and I am on the west coast, amazing. First quality workmanship, THANKS!!!!!

  151. Cora N.

    Chatted with a customer service representative. He answered all of my questions and was even accommodating towards finding what i needed, sending me a link via email, and a pricing issue. Also, once i had my part further questions were answered promptly through text. Fast and affordable fix! My part was only gone for a few days.

  152. Mohammed H.

    So impressed with this company. Quick professional. Save tons of money.

  153. Arturo l.

    Great service and soon response to any concerns.
    Definitely use them again on my next project.

  154. Narhan M.

    I found safety restore on YouTube while searching for repair options. I was skeptical about the process of pay first and hope it’s a legitimate company. Now I’m a satisfied customer and recommend them to others!

  155. Khushwant D.

    Seat belt restore done was fast and perfect. Everything worked as intended.

  156. Ulisses O.


  157. Bruce J.

    Fast service and great price highly recommended you to my service station.

  158. Jonathan M.

    Worked perfect

  159. patrick k.

    I have been in the airbag industry almost 20 years,I encountered a vehicle that had components repaired by Safety restore and they have gained a new client who replaces airbags by the dozens.

  160. Roban S.

    They Are hella cool and prompt

  161. CHIEU L.

    Great. Fast

  162. Pyurvya B.


  163. Rickman J.

    This service was fast and the quality was perfect. Even answered the questions I had with timely and professionally. We definitely use again.

  164. LLankia J.

    I am verse statsified with the job done on the restoration of my seatbelts and resetting the module. The turn around time was quick and precise. 24 hour turn around. I would recommend this place if business to anyone whom is seeking assistance with seatbelts and modules..

  165. John H.

    I was leary at first–sending my seatbelts away like that, but the more I learned of this company my anxiety relaxed and I took the leap. They repaired my two seatbelts right away. Within 3 hrs of their receipt, they repairs them and I received a Tracking memo stating they were enroute to me. I couldn’t be happier! I will be sending them belts from my other older vehicle real soon!!

  166. Vadim S.


  167. Tomas R.

    This was a fantastic service. I shipped the 4 belts my border collie puppy chewed up on Monday afternoon. They were back by Friday. Look like new. Ordering was easy, did t on-line after talking to a human being. Even got a discount on shipping back (you do have to pay for shipping over to them. (USPS charged me $23 including insurance and 2-day, which was reasonable). Thumbs up for SafetyRestore!!

  168. Andrey S.

    was skeptical at first but got my seat belt fixed quick for not a lot of money

  169. BERNARD D.

    Helped me with understanding the whole process, kept me informed when the seatbelt arrived, and when they were shipped out. Helped me diagnose a problem that occurred with installation. Highly recommended.

  170. Chris H.

    fast service. beautiful work. would use again

  171. JOHN

    Fast and Reliable

  172. Glenn C.

    Very easy transaction with a quick turnaround. Both the module and seat belt work perfectly. Thanks!

  173. Henry M.

    It was easy to follow your instructions and I got the belts returned just as expected.
    However after installing the rebuilt front belts I found they did not retract all the way. They would droop anywhere from 1 to 2 feet, not retracting.
    I called customer service and was told I could send the belts back for a warranty repair. I have not done so as yet but plan on trying again.
    Wish I had a better review.

  174. Nancy B.

    we appreciate your prompt and generous handling of our unique situation.
    we gave your information to our insurance agent .
    it’s so nice to work with nice people

  175. Juan I.

    Great job

  176. David M.

    Came across SafetyRestore through google. Glad I did . Saved me a boat load of cash! They have a quick turnaround. They even took care of a warranty repair too.

    Highly recommended! Will use again! Already referred new customers to them !

  177. victor v.

    Good service

  178. Dustin K.

    Removed the SRS module and seatbelt pretensioners. Sent them to Safety Restore and they repaired/ reset the items. Quick return and works as if the accident never happened. Thank you

  179. William B.

    Always a pleasure.

  180. Kurtis B.

    Thanks so much for repairing my seat belts and module in my mustang. Saved me tons of money and I was very satisfied with the great service and quick turn around. Will definitely be using you guys again in the future. Thanks again from Nova Scotia.

  181. Bill B.

    Apron my research in repairing my car after an accident I came across safety restore and that site saved the day. This company did exactly what they described. Sent in seatbelts and sos modular and it was back in 5 days completely fixed. They saved me hundreds of dollars from buying new parts. Trust them, they saved the day for me

  182. Leighanne D.

    Our seatbelts locked after an accident. This service works exactly as advertised. I sent the seatbelts in and received them back within 5-7 days. So grateful!!

  183. Matt J.

    Worked great with amazing turnaround times!

  184. Yuliy G.

    Working good

  185. Cary S.

    Recomend them and I will definetally use them again if needed.

  186. Sunny B.


  187. Jeremy G.

    Everything worked great

  188. Town S.

    We are still not getting communication on the passenger side on the belt of the car. Should I go ahead and send that back in with a belt on a 06 Dodge Truck that is not retracting properly. Need to get them both fixed. Thank you for your help. Jeffrey Jones Town & Country Auto Overton, Nv 702 397-2400

  189. Kim J.

    I would highly recommend Safety Restore. I paid for the service, printed package labels, boxed up my seat belts and airbag module, and shipped to them. A few days later I emailed to check to see if they had received my package. I got a response within a day. They emailed to also let me know when everything had shipped back out. Everything has been replaced in the car and working properly. Thanks Safety Restore!

  190. Fred S.

    The product repair and process was smooth and just as advertised. We will definitely be using SafetyRestore in the future!!!

  191. Robert C.

    My seatbelt replacement was going to cost over $600 from my local dealer; with safety restore I saved over $500. That’s a winner!

  192. William R.

    Awesome job, quick and easy to work with.!!!

  193. Christina H.

    Great service

  194. Francisco M.

    Never fails

  195. Automotive S.

    We are a Collision Center and are very satisfied with the service. Thanks

  196. Timothy A.

    seatbelt woks great was returned quickly as promised and a follow up question I had was answered with helpful info

  197. Terry B.

    I had restored my 78 Nova and the seat belts were the only thing that looked bad, nobody makes new belts. I sent my old faded belts to Safety Restore and got back amazing black, soft belts that made the interior complete.

  198. Terry B.

    I had restored my 78 Nova and the seat belts were the only thing that looked bad, nobody makes new belts. I sent my old faded belts to Safety Restore and got back amazing black, soft belts that made the interior complete.

  199. Ed B.

    Fast turnaround and you wouldn’t know it wasn’t OEM.

  200. Francis I.

    Fast, professional service.

  201. John I.

    Restored my Seat belt’s and my Airbag Module Reset …THX for the prompt service AGAIN!

  202. Mike F.

    Quick turnaround and good communication. They took the time to answer questions afterwards as well. Saved a ton of money!

  203. Judson U.

    My seatbelt was shipped to them without the correct documentation, and when I realized it, I called and they were VERY helpful in finding the package and turning it around promptly. Great customer service!

  204. jared h.

    Safety restore was professional and knowledgeable. Helped me with all my repairs and beat everyone’s prices!!

  205. Joseph K.

    I wish every insurance company used this service. Rates would be lower. Just remember to remove pigtail wiring harness before sending to have seat belt repaired.

  206. Daniel Z.


  207. Spiro D.

    Great service, replaced/rebuilt the belt explosive charge and my seat belt light is extinguished, half the price of a new seat belt. Thanks!

  208. Tg F.

    Though the ECU couldn’t be repaired, not only was my payment refunded, but the unit was shipped by safety restore to an affiliated company TGSF reset the ECU

  209. Susan A.

    I was skeptical, not sure this would fix my seatbelt problem. They did exactly what they said – quick service, provide updated as to where the repair was at in the process. Thanks for restoring my seatbelt!!!

  210. Thomas H.

    Turn around from receiving my belts and shipping them out was quick as advertised. I appreciate that they called & ask whether I wanted lighter or darker grey belts because they could not match my 25 yr old belts exactly.

  211. Thomas H.

    Turn around from receiving my belts and shipping them out was quick as advertised. I appreciate that they called & ask whether I wanted lighter or darker grey belts because they could not match my 25 yr old belts exactly.

  212. Sophie B.

    I had two seatbelts repaired, and also my airbag control module. I received it back and have installed them in my car. The airbag lights went off, and I am super happy with my decision to get them repaired instead of replacing!
    Definitely recommend!

  213. George S.

    This service saved me time and money. My dog chewed through the driver seat belt of my 2011 Audi Q5. It was returned in perfect working condition in less than 10 days.

  214. Philip P.


  215. Lynn

    My expectations were greatly exceeded. The seat belt repair was done well and the re-installation went very smooth. i am back to transporting my granddaughter in a safe manner. Thank – you. BHK

  216. Douglas F.

    Excellent and fast job repairing passenger seatbelt on my 2002 Suburban

  217. Tom H.

    Great price, fast turn around, excellent communication!

  218. Kevin B.

    Great work…Fast turn around!!

  219. Daniel B.

    Had seat belts repaired and couldn’t believe how smooth and efficient the process was. They were returned to me with lightening speed and the communication was great throughout.

  220. jared h.

    Excellent service, excellent results. Will be using again shortly

  221. Klocke A.

    always happy with service

  222. Jonathan M.

    Easy to use on time quality work. Using again.

  223. St. C.

    Very satisfied with the workmanship.

  224. Daniel H.

    i had my seatbelts repaired by safety restore
    fast service and i recommend to anyone

  225. Frank R.

    My first experience with Safety Restore included many questions on different occasions and every time I received an answer in a very professional manner, finally I sent both of my seat belts the module and as advertised the work was done and shipped in 24hrs, all parts works perfect and I have no codes or warning light, after this I send the 2 seat pretensioner and same result. I will definitely recommend their services and use it again. Frank G Rodriguez

  226. steve m.

    Great service beyond my expectations

  227. King F.

    Great job on replacing the strap! Quick turn around. Got it back within 7 days and that was including over the weekend.

  228. George A.

    My Honda SRS airbag module reset was done as promise. Great service .

  229. Greg D.

    100% awesome service that you guys do. Highly recommended

  230. Daniel S.

    Seatbelts were great. The clip in part was backwards and my husband and to trim them around, but other than that, they appear perfect. The 24 hour turn around does not include the time it takes to ship back to you. Very happy with the service. Couch cheaper than replacing all the components of the seatbelt. Will use again if needed.

  231. David W.

    I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Safety Restore. My safety belt on my 1995 Toyota Tacoma had unraveled and would not wind back up. I looked into buying a new belt and that costs about as much as the truck was worth! I looked into a junk yard purchase and finding one was impossible. I came upon Safety Restore on a Google search and telephoned the company and spoke to the owner. He instructed me on what they did, the cost, and where to send the belt.
    Because of snow conditions my belt was returned a little later than their predictions. I installed the belt myself saving big money. I still had a problem with the belt rewinding as it should. I telephoned the company and they were very understanding and in fact returned my money, all the time trying to figure out the problem. They indicated that it could be a dirty belt and I followed their lead and I washed the belt in a bucket of soapy water. Now the belt works great and I feel badly that they refunded my money.
    I recommend that you look at their employee photo on line and notice that they appear to be a U.S. company with all clean cut, handsome U.S. employees. May God bless this Company.

  232. James B.

    The retractor on the driver’s side of my 2007 Honda locked in place and became useless. I sent it to Safety Restore. It was repaired and returned within their stated time. I installed it my self (first time to install a seat belt for me!). It works like new now.

  233. Gary P.

    Thanks… We will certainly use your service again in the future.

  234. Jared B.

    Very fast service and cost effective

  235. Travis R.

    Super fast work and super fast shipping. Thanks a lot you will always have my business

  236. William W.

    The service was excellent. Safety Restore received my seat belt, repaired it and reshipped it in a 3 hour period. I received the belt 48 hours later in the Atlanta area. Belt works like new. Very satisfied.

  237. Edward K.

    I have used Safety Restore services for the last six cars I have rebuilt and have been very pleased with their services. Fast turn-around and a very great price on repairs. Thank You!!!

  238. Marc J.

    Fast and quality work

  239. Gary P.

    Excellent Service…. Thank You

  240. Reginald K.

    Lincoln charges about $750.00 To get air bag warning light to shut off. Not only did you save me a bunch the service was magnificent.

  241. Barry G.

    Fixed perfectly at 1/4 of the price

  242. Sorin R.

    Good job

  243. Robert K.

    I needed a set of seat belts rewebbed and wanted to go with a custom color. The team at SafetyRestore was able to send me some pictures of the colors of red they had so I could choose. They were very responsive and shipped promptly after service.

  244. Amy S.

    I, called 7 junkyards looking for a replacement belt. When I finally found one it arrived being the wrong color so back it went. While searching for another place to get a belt I came across your Website and decided to give it a try. The results are I couldn’t be happier. Belt is like new and only a few dollars more then a stained one from the junk yard. Thanks for a great product. Mike K

  245. Wayne K.

    I have used Safety Restore several times now for Seat Belt Repair. The service has been excellent. It is easy to order, and return has met expectations each time. Thank you Safety Restore!!

  246. Margaret W.

    Superb customer service! You guys rock! Reliable and quick saving me a ton of money.

  247. Steven P.

    Easy website to use, fast, quality service. I’ll be back…

  248. Dariusz M.

    Great service, great prices.

  249. Scott B.

    Never A Issue-Ship-Fast Return-Install-Ready to Go-Very Professional Service- Scott-Owner Tin Man Automotive

  250. Carly W.

    Very easy service. Just payed, mailed the module, and received it back within a few days. Worked wonderfully once reinstalled!

  251. Jerry A.


  252. Elliot O.

    Easy process online and fair price to fix seat belt. More economical than buying new seat belt ( 1/3 cost in my case). Would recommend and use again.

  253. Eddie J.

    I was pretty skeptical at first, then I read your website on what to do. I followed every word you guys said and did exactly that received my seatbelt back in a timely manner and it was awesome, thank you guys for a job well done, I highly recommend this service to anybody with seatbelt troubles.

  254. Gregory N.

    Great job! Belts and module came back perfect , plug and play, no problems!

  255. Carol H.

    Very happy with the seatbelts. This company made it very easy to get the information and to send the seatbelts to them for repair. Thanks

  256. Albert A.

    great service

  257. Taskhia R.

    Works like the factory

  258. Rachel R.

    The time to get my seat belt repaired and sent back was very fast. I will use them again if needed.

  259. Andrey C.

    They answered the phone calls and texts, good communication.

  260. Steve M.

    Wasn’t familiar with this service, neither was my mechanic. Seat belt latch sensor went bad. Mechanic quoted replacement for $250 plus $100 labor. Safety restore saved me $175!

  261. Gary M.

    Very happy with the quick turn around of my seatbelt and the quality of the
    workmanship was above my expectations, now I have to train my dog to
    leave them alone. Thanks, Gary

  262. Joe C.

    Everything as promised. Thanks Joe

  263. Joe C.

    Everything as promised. Thanks Joe

  264. Matt G.

    I was skeptical at first. I received my repaired seatbelt, and it works as advertised. Great service.

  265. Javier A.

    Good work

  266. Jerry S.

    Excellent transaction with webbing replaced with an exact color match to old webbing. Work was performed quickly and shipped promptly. My personal thanks to SafetyRestore personnel for a job well done

  267. Steven T.

    I rebuilt a 2014 Lexus LS 460. I have a parts car I am pulling the parts from, but the rear seat belts were too difficult to swap out. I found safety restore, texted them, and they were quick to respond. I sent it in and they received them on a Friday. I surprisingly received it the following Tuesday. I read some eBay reviews and some people were concerned about the turn around time, but truthfully, I had no problems whatsoever. To buy a replacement seat belt used would’ve costed $380 each, so the fact that they repaired it for around $50 each was great! Great customer service, great turn around time, and a very solid and good company to work with.

  268. Don g.

    really fast

  269. David C.

    Great service – fast return of my air bag module after clearing codes

  270. Mark S.

    Great Service super affordable

  271. Robert G.

    awsome job fast turn around airbag light off good to go !

  272. Paul C.

    All good.

  273. Stewart A.

    Saved me so much money. Quick. Easy.

  274. Robert A.


  275. Charlie A.

    Way cheaper than buying new

  276. Ronald P.

    Once i got to speak with someone by phone and got some questions answered the service was very good and fast. The new belts looked like original equipment which is terrific.

  277. Raelyn H.

    Happy to have found your site, quick and seat belts work great! thank you

  278. Shed B.

    Delivered on every promise. Highly recommend.

  279. Vincent G.

    My daughter’s 05 beetle was involved in an accident which triggered the tensioner ignightor on the seat belt retractor. I sent it in to safety restore and received it back in two days. Installed it and was able to clear the tensioner code in the air bag module. Great service.

  280. Azubike O.

    You guys did a superb job. The airbag module hard crash data was completely erased. Upon installation, the airbag dashboard warning light disappeared… no programing needed! . I was very impressed, and that saved me a bundle!!! Kudos!!

  281. Stephen S.

    Fast turnaround as promised. Good job

  282. Artur P.

    Good work thank you

  283. Habib J.

    Very good communication from these guys, and did exactly what was agreed upon. Thanks again

  284. James H.

    Seatbelt repair was quick turn around, Great service. SRS module took a few days more due to part replacement. It went beyond the 24 hr turn around. I call to check the status and when they understood no one had notified me of the delay, the additional cost of the part ($40) was waived. So a few extra days and a few extra $ in my pocket gets 5 stars. Excellent customer service.

  285. Jim R.


  286. DALE H.

    Computer & seat belt both fixed, fast turn around & reasonable price! Thanks

  287. Thomas C.

    Had a broken seat belt on my Mercedes. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to buy a new or even used one, I decided to try Safetyrestore. Why I didn’t just send it to them in the first place is beyond me. They are certainly cheaper than trying to buy a new one and you know the part is going to fit because it’s your own. The long and short of it is, Safetyrestore is a genuine and reputable service that stands behind their work. I have no reservation in recommending them to anyone in need of a safety belt repair. Good luck in your en devour and thank you Safetyrestore! Chris Clark

  288. Tzirel L.

    The color matches, it works, and the time frame was acceptable based on what we expected for shipping across the country.

  289. Robert D.

    Great, just as advertized

  290. Larry D.

    Attentive, responsive, cooperative. What could be fixed, they fixed. What they could not fix, they refunded 100%. I learned that seat belt anchor pretensioners (outboard on seat) on Buick Lacrosse (2012) are not really rebuildable – the piston/cylinder interface is damaged when the piston locks when the charge is fired. But restoration of the belts themselves saved $.

  291. Margaret L.

    Fast ,And With No Problems .Will Keep Using Them. I am a Wreck Rebuilder Dealer.

  292. Daniel M.

    We had a honda srs module repaired, it was great! Will never use used parts again

  293. Gerardo M.

    Had to wait 3 days instead of the 1 advertised but still a great value. They make everything super easy

  294. Irvin P.

    Excellent Service!

  295. Fred H.

    great and fast service. all people I contacted were of great help and assistance. thanks

  296. Robert R.

    Our puppy has chewed through two (two!) seatbelts (so far). One was replaced by a dealer and cost about $350. I did the other myself and used SafetyRestore. Wasn’t especially difficult to get the old belt out and the new belt is spot on. When the next one gets eaten, I’ll be back.

  297. Guest S.

    Great work and fast repair.

  298. Steve J.

    My seatbelt only needed to have the webbing replaced. I just installed it and was having trouble getting it to unlock (which was my fault). It’s Saturday and I texted these guys and they responded right away, telling me the retractors can be sensitive sometimes and that solved the problem. I can only say good things about this company..great customer service and a quick turnaround as stated!!

  299. Michael C.

    Great job on seat belt! Prompt courteous response to my messages.

  300. Michael C.

    Great job on seat belt! Prompt courteous response to my messages.

  301. Hayden R.

    They restored everything as promised, and I haven’t had any issues since! Turn around was really short, amazing deal for only 85 dollars!

  302. Casey W.

    Fast Turn around

  303. Northwest C.

    You guys did a great job, on price and getting it back to me quickly, I’ll always use you as my jobber

  304. John Z.

    Excellent service and response time. Russ was absolutely Amazing and i would love to deal with him anytime again! Thank you all so much

  305. Martyn A.

    I run a small delaership and from time to time have a problem with a car with a stuck or jammed seatbelt, I always send them to these guys as they are reasonable on price and have a fast turn around, thanks from Martyns Auto Mart in Kentucky

  306. Fred D.

    Fast service Excellent workmanship I highly Recommend Their Service

  307. Yejun X.


  308. Stuart B.


  309. Kenneth P.

    Easy website for ordering and fast turnaround. Will use again.

  310. Gustavo G.

    Quality A1, will do more orders, costumers happy, looks factory

  311. Wesley P.

    They did a good job, I sent my 2 seats belt and they send back. Thanks guys

  312. Christopher N.

    Great prompt service and reasonably priced definitely would use them again.

  313. Eldon M.

    Fast service!

  314. Sergey G.

    100% satisfied. Thank you!

  315. Ivan B.

    Good customer service.

  316. Capt. S.

    Prompt service. However webbing length was shorter than factory, about 6 to 8 inches shorter. Had to move seat back further otherwise unable to buckle. Guess i have to go on diet.

  317. Robert P.

    Very pleased with the quick service.

  318. Ron M.

    Since seat belt in retractor repaired perfectly

  319. Ron M.

    Since seat belt in retractor repaired perfectly

  320. Patricia J.

    As promised fast turnaround. Very pleased

  321. Abdoulaye S.

    Fast and reliable…

  322. Eric M.

    Excellent service

  323. Viktor Vetkov

    These guys are awesome. It was my first time dealing with this company.. They did great job to repair SRS module after a crash, did it fast and price was right.. Thank you

  324. Robert C.

    Fast turn and great workmanship. SafetyResore rebuilt my sun-bleached, frayed belts from my 1996 Miata for a fraction of the cost of OEM replacements. I’m very happy with all aspects of the work and service.

  325. Steve I.

    Everything came through on time & works flawlessly.
    You have revived my 2017 Lincoln MKZ!!!

  326. Ronald B.


  327. Manny C.

    Very good communication .Fast response from the person that I talk to. Will call you again for next testing of fire sprinklers

  328. Cergio A.

    These guys knows very well what they do. Don’t dude to trust to them, quality is guaranteed. I would deal with them again if need.

  329. Colette L.

    Totally worth replacing the webbing through safety restore. Sent back to me fast and much cheaper than the dealer. Going to do the other car.

  330. Darmie R.

    I had needed my car back on the road. It was during a snow storm and they still were fast.

  331. Matthew G.

    Works great!

  332. Alfred L.

    This repair of my seat belt problems was not only fast but flawless. These people are top notch professionals. Never again will I put up with seat belt sags or airbag “idiot lights” on the 2nd hand cars I buy and use. I wish all the problems had this easy a solution.

  333. Natasha L.

    Service was was fast and Efficient

  334. Myron C.

    Have seat belt problem? Send the belt to SafetyRestore to be rebuilt. I did, and they fixed it perfectly within 24 hrs and shipped it right back to me. I would use them again gladly.

  335. Aleksey M.

    Fixed my belts fast and all transactions and communication with repair shop was easy.

  336. Ali A.


  337. Dave H.


  338. John H.

    Great job and completed fast! Recommend without reservation.
    Thanks for the communication regarding color choice on this 30 year
    old belt!

  339. John H.

    Great job and completed fast! Recommend without reservation.
    Thanks for the communication regarding color choice on this 30 year
    old belt!

  340. Dave O.

    Awesome job! Great help over the phone!

  341. David A.

    Quick and painless service. Easy to follow instructions. Fast turnaround

  342. Joshua M.

    Dog chewed my seatbelt. Shipped and returned within 1 week. Very expedient service, great price and easy to deal with. Would definitely use again if needed.

  343. Dave G.

    My anxiety ridden dog destroyed my seatbelt so I’ve been driving around forever with duct taped belts. Sent it in to Safety Restore and got it back right away. It’s literall like new and nice to feel safe again!

  344. Dave O.

    These people were very helpful to me in determining if my seatbelt retractors had deployed by walking me through an OHM meter test. Thanks

  345. Millennium S.

    Great company to deal with. Great prices and fast shipping!!!

  346. Brian K.

    Thanks for a very fast turnaround and excellent job with replacing the seat belt web.

  347. Brian K.

    Thanks for a very fast turnaround and excellent job with replacing the seat belt web.

  348. Lise T.

    Honnest and Reputable

  349. Bekim D.

    Fast service that works

  350. Tobbie Q.

    Worked great! They had it rewebbed and sent back to me quickly, even over a holiday weekend. I would recommend them to anyone for seatbelt repair.

  351. Todd T.

    Your company is a class act. Very professional. Your communications were prompt; you instilled confidence and trust. I highly recommend your service to all people of Guam.

  352. Laura F.

    amazing every local shop quoted me over $1000 russ gave me great help with all my million online questions and patient with me when i forgot to mail the 2nd part got back quickly and WORKED perfect very satisfied and would definetly recommend to anyone

  353. Enver C.

    professional and quick service .

  354. ROBERTO L.

    This guy’s does a great job.
    Fast and accurate.

  355. Wade H.

    Awesome :clap: works better then new ! Super quick turn around time . Thank you for the great service , dealer told me I was out of luck , look for a used one . I so glad a found you now a know I won’t have a problem Than you

  356. William G.

    Perfect highly recommend.

  357. Domenico A.

    Excellent job! Restore was returned timely and in great repair!

  358. essam s.

    Those people deserve apriciation all the team is very friendly cooperative and responsible
    I repaired 4 seatbelts of my smashed car rather than the airbag main control module ending in saving more than 1000 $
    It was a great experience and I really recommend them

  359. Dave S.

    I have sent several sets of seatbelts and modules for repair and the system on the vehicle checks the parts and turns the light out on the dash just like it’s supposed to. The 24hr turnaround might apply to the belts but the module can take longer if it needs repair as well as reset.

  360. Brian T.

    Delivered as promised and on time. Belt retractor works smoothly.

  361. Colton S.

    These guys really helped out. Saved me tons of money and got the job done really quick. Only downside is shipping times, but I’ll take the wait to save a couple hundred. Would use them again, but hope I won’t have to.

  362. robert s.

    great people to deal with, pleasant guy on the phone, excellent prices and fast shipping, will tell friends about your services! 1st class operation! thank you guys. bob

  363. Rebecca P.

    My Honda Accord drivers side seat belt needed repair . The dealer wanted an outrageous amount to repair it . I found safety restore to be an incredible help to me and they restored my seatbelt in a timely manner . I am very happy with the service I received .

  364. Marseen M.


  365. Robert F.

    The process couldn’t have been easier. I removed my seatbelt, placed the order, got the belt back and installed in under a week. Don’t wait any longer. Customer survice was great. If you are Military Member give them a call and talk to them.

  366. Vincent P.

    Dog chewed my belt, dealer wanted $300 for a new assembly. These guys turned it around in 24 hrs. Couldn’t ask for a quicker turnaround. Thank you

  367. Robert F.

    The process couldn’t have been easier. I removed my seatbelt, placed the order, got the belt back and installed in under a week. Don’t wait any longer. Customer survice was great. If you are Military Member give them a call and talk to them.

  368. Vincent P.

    Dog chewed my belt, dealer wanted $300 for a new assembly. These guys turned it around in 24 hrs. Couldn’t ask for a quicker turnaround. Thank you

  369. mike f.

    Excellent Price!
    Excellent Work!
    Excellent Service!

  370. Gary E.

    The seat belts were quickly repaired and returned, even though they were sent in near Christmas time. Both belts worked great when they were reinstalled,

  371. Dave S.

    Safety Restore repaired 2 dual stage seat belts and reset the airbag module that needed internal repair. I plugged them all in and reconnected the battery and the airbag light went out on the dash meaning all is well with the airbag system.

  372. Eric D.

    Do in a very timely manner.

  373. Rostyslav D.


  374. Jin Y.

    That was awesome

  375. abraham e.


  376. Marcus B.

    Happy customer

  377. James H.

    Great customer service with an awesome product! They told us exactly what we needed, and didn’t try to upsell on something we didn’t need! We’ll be using them again!

  378. Phil B.

    Fast service as listed. Everything worked like new!

  379. Thomas D.

    Great job. Quick return on belts.

  380. Micah R.

    Great Job

  381. Kamal M.

    Great communication and fast handling time, as always!

  382. Zack L.

    Fast and friendly service. Worth the cost to have your seat belts fixed. I will use this company for any other seat belt repair and would recommend this site to anyone in need!!!

  383. Victor A.

    Great service !
    Thank you….

  384. Joy S.

    Our puppy hit three of our seatbelts in a matter of minutes. Sent them to Safety Restore and had them back in under a week considering the mail service. Great experience.

  385. Joy S.

    Our puppy hit three of our seatbelts in a matter of minutes. Sent them to Safety Restore and had them back in under a week considering the mail service. Great experience.

  386. Bledi M.

    very quick service

  387. Jenifer J.

    Got part back fast with no problems kept me informed where part was during shipping

  388. Robert B.

    Great price & service. Better to repair then replace.

  389. Rob P.

    The company did perfect work, had a quick turnaround and were very professional to deal with. Will absolutely use again.

  390. Gian A.

    Very responsive team to any concern or questions you might have, fast turnaround time and fairly priced! What else does one need…!?

  391. Mark W.

    17 Colorado fixed belts and tensioners. Good communication. Will definitely deal with again.

  392. Ron M.

    2017 chevy colorado belts

  393. Drew C.

    Saved me hundreds of dollars and lightning fast turn around! Will be using again.

  394. Paul K.

    If you are looking for quality work, check them out !

  395. Daija H.

    Ended up purchasing an airbag module repair thinking I was buying a new one to be delivered. I called and explained the situation and they immediately gave me a refund with no hassle. Now that I understand how everything works, I’m sure I’ll be shopping with them in the future.

  396. edmund a.

    Great job

  397. Judy V.

    Excellent service

  398. Deniz Y.

    You are amazing. You fixed my seat belt so fast. I saved 220$ because of you. Thanks

  399. Aleksandr T.

    Always do a great job.

  400. Abu S.

    I received excellent customer service and quick shipping great job

  401. Al A.

    Super quick turn around!

  402. Steve B.

    Totally satisfied on the way safetyrestore replaced the webbing on my classic Porsche 912.

  403. Steve B.

    Totally satisfied on the way safetyrestore replaced the webbing on my classic Porsche 912.

  404. Eric B.

    Great fast service and works perfect

  405. Angel R.

    Great service, fast, friendly, smooth transaction. Rated a perfect 10.

  406. Angel R.

    Great service, fast, friendly, smooth transaction. Rated a perfect 10.

  407. Jim E.

    You service was easy to us and quick . Thanks for the no stress service.

  408. Ralph F.

    Safety restore is the only stop for all your restoration needs. Exceptional turn around time. Highly recommend using their services.

  409. Ed H.

    This is a great company to deal with. My sister-in-law had hit a speed bump and one of the seat belts discharged and the ABS light came on. I removed the ABS module and seat belts and sent them in. With in 24 hours they were repaired and the ABS module reset. Reinstalled everything and seat belts work and no more ABS light. They are very goo din communicating as well. They answered all my questions and were very helpful! They saved her over $300.00 by rebuilding the seat belts.

  410. Fred W.

    Repairs were good and srs light went out once code was deleted with scanner. Great job guys

  411. alex k.

    Everything reinstalled worked the way it should. Was relieved when the airbag light finally disappeared. Saved me close to 400$ from having to go to the dealership. Hopefully won’t have to use again, but now I know where to go if I need to.

  412. Karen L.

    Very happy with the service, seatbelt is of great quality and the work was done quickly!

  413. Bernard H.

    Restored seat belts work like new after being used to hold baby seats for 8 years.

  414. Bernard H.

    Restored seat belts work like new after being used to hold baby seats for 8 years.

  415. Pat P.

    Fast and friendly service

  416. John D.

    I wish I had found these guys sooner. My air bag light was on for longer than I want to admit. I reluctantly decided to take it to the dealer for diagnosis. The dealer quoted $965.00 to replace a defective seat belt. I decided to see what other options were available. That’s when I found out about Safety Restore. Best move I ever made. I sent my belt to them and for eighty dollars they repaired and shipped back to me next day. The air bag light is no longer on. I highly recommend these guys.

  417. Faith L.

    Very fast service! I sent it out on a Tuesday and had it back by Friday or Saturday.

  418. Joseph A.

    Before, mine was “shot-exhausted-kaputt” and a total aggravation after 21 yrs of use. Now it’s working “like a champ” while knowing I’m safer again. Thank You SafetyRestore.

  419. Moe A.

    Sent it out and got it back in record time, also love the email updates of receiving, fixing and shipping back out. Great job guys other companies could learn a lot from you GUYS!

  420. Kevin M.

    They did great work

  421. John F.

    Excellent turnaround times and service. Even repaired a broken plastic connector without extra charges. My seat belt assembly is now charged,unlocked, re-installed and working fine. Thanks again!

  422. Clarke C.

    I needed both driver and passenger seatbelts, found one in junkyard for $100, it was all greasy nasty drug thought the mud and wasn’t exactly the right color. Couldn’t find the driver belt, then found this place. Someone answered my call first try, sent it to them, same day they received the belt they fixed it and mailed it back. Almost half the cost of the junkyard find and color matches. I’ve already sent them two more and will do it again. No more junkyard calls

  423. James S.

    This service worked great. Ford wanted over $1100 to repair airbag light and alarm. Wants to replace both seatbelts at $400 each
    plus labor. $90 and some labor (maybe an hr.) and it was fixed. 1week turn around with Thanksgiving in there. Thanks a bunch!

  424. Edward K.

    I have used SR on over six rebuilds and have had no problems with any of the rebuilt seat belt assemblies. Recommend this company to other rebuilders. Thanks!!

  425. Steven L.

    I sent in a seat belt part needing repair from a 1998 Ford conversion van that used seat belts from a South African company. The repair was done promptly and even a missing housing piece was replaced. Well done!

  426. Anthony B.

    Great result! Works as new, and I didn’t expect that on a 73 retractor.

  427. Anthony B.

    Great result! Works as new, and I didn’t expect that on a 73 retractor.

  428. Roman M.


  429. Kathy V.

    We were pleased with the repair/replacement of the seatbelt webbing that was damaged by our dog. This saved us a considerable amount of money and the transaction was simple and expedient.

  430. Larry R.

    A lot cheaper than buying new seatbelts and they did a great job no complaints so far.

  431. dean c.

    Quick and courteous people!

  432. Cathy C.

    Great service…

  433. Lawrence M.

    Everything went just as advertised on the web site. Turn around was 2 days and the seatbelt was fixed.

  434. Steven R.

    New webbing.

  435. Steven R.

    New webbing.

  436. John N.

    Quick turnaround and quality as advertised. Thank you.

  437. Rudi S.

    Everything worked out great. All codes went away!

  438. Kathy G.

    super fast and easy to talk to

  439. alex r.


  440. Melissa P.

    Fast turn around. Great service. Exactly what I needed with no fuss and reasonable prices!
    Thanks so much

  441. Olga S.

    I am very satisfied with this service. I work with this company for a few years and has never been disappointed. Thank you.

  442. Bruce T.

    I received the best service and turnaround of any online store I have ever shopped at.

  443. paul m.

    So far everything beening good

  444. nigel g.

    Very pleased with the restoration of the 1976 TVR seat belts.

  445. Antonio P.

    Great service

  446. William B.

    Great job and fast service.

  447. John H.

    The quick turn around and ease of ordering was appreciated.
    The cost is a little high.

  448. lydia o.

    I was very impressed with the fast service on the repair of the seat belt as well as the quick delivery. I will be using Safety Restore for these types on needs.

  449. terrance a.

    Very nhappy, fair price. Thank you

  450. Angel R.

    They advertise 24 HOUR TURNAROUND 100% OEM PARTS. They delivered what they promise, quality work with 24 hours turnaround time. The seat belts quality are excellent. I was able to communicate with them via email, text and voice. I highly recommend this company and their services 100%.

  451. Kathy G.

    super fast great service

  452. Eric K.

    Very easy to deal with…i had a question after I sent my belts and they quickly answered my phone call too.

  453. Janet D.

    Super fast, great price,and a great alternative to purchasing new. Thank you one happy customer 🙂

  454. Nancy H.

    Job well do would recommend to anyone needing seatbelt repair

  455. Nancy H.

    Job well do would recommend to anyone needing seatbelt repair

  456. Cathy C.

    Had Seat Belt Repair and Airbag Modules Reset. Great service. Was very helpful when we called about the process, and helped with any questions we had. Thanks so much and we would def recommend to everyone…..

  457. Alan B.

    I am very pleased with the service and the quality. I will definitely use your services again and will recommend you to others.

  458. Henry D.

    Thank you for the quick repair. Worked out perfect. Great job!

  459. Jose C.

    Great job with restoring the seatbelts and SRS module on my Audi. Will recommend this service to anyone. -Tony from CA

  460. Roger M.

    So Happy I found the Safety Restore guys. Super fast turnaround with email notification. Friendly and professional service. Shipped the belts out to them on Friday and by the next Wednesday I got them back, professionally packaged ready for easy install. 5 Stars no Doubt

  461. gregory w.

    Quick, perfect rebuild of both front seat belts on 1979 LTD II. Were like new. Very happy with service.

  462. Gary P.

    Lowest estimate to restore complete airbag system was $2400. This is more than we cared to put into this truck. But with LOCKED seatbelts, it was now unsafe to drive. SafetyRestore quickly returned the locked belts to a serviceable condition.. the back and forth shipping took longer than the actual service time. Every estimate we got required $350 per belt to replace, but these restored belts function like new, including the inertia lock functionality. By the way, the drivers airbag deployed but never touched the driver. This low-energy activation locked both sets of seat belts, a total overkill in terms of protective systems. Thank goodness SafetyRestore could provide a better solution.

  463. Steven M.

    Great experience; they sent the shipping label at a reasonable rate, very fast return & even replaced the belt guide that I chewed up myself, free of charge! would absolutely do business with these guys again, thanks!

  464. Steven M.

    Great experience; they sent the shipping label at a reasonable rate, very fast return & even replaced the belt guide that I chewed up myself, free of charge! would absolutely do business with these guys again, thanks!

  465. Corey W.

    Excellent Job …. record time on the return… simple process….thanks

  466. paul m.


  467. Caleb S.

    Awesome great service

  468. Volodymyr T.

    These guys are great very fast turnaround product looks 100% I would recommend them to anybody

  469. Eddie C.

    Fast and everything worked as it should. I will be using them again!

  470. michael a.

    Excellent and reliable

  471. Kelly B.


  472. Sal V.

    Amazing service. Fast and reliable. Shipped back promptly and packaged with care..installed and functioned like new

  473. Kevin V.

    Received all parts back with no issue. My only negative is nobody answers the phone, would have liked to talk to someone as it was my first time doing this. Wasted some money on multiple shipments.

  474. Rob M.

    Great company you won’t be disappointed!

  475. Catalin U.

    Highly recommend. They did a great job and the turnaround was fast considering that I am on the opposite side of the country. Great service.

  476. Catalin U.

    Highly recommend. They did a great job and the turnaround was fast considering that I am on the opposite side of the country. Great service.

  477. Harpreet C.


  478. Oleg k.

    So fast ,good work and cheap
    Thank you

  479. Xtreme S.


  480. Jason P.

    I send a lot of Seatbelts too u guys you all do great job answering the phone different story hopefully it gets better I like doing business with u guys

  481. stjepan m.

    Fast and reliable service

  482. Stormy J.

    Saved a ton of money and it works better now than it did before. I would have like updates on the progress of the repairs.

  483. Richard S.

    I was very impressed with the service I received from The turnaround time was great, and both the seat belt pretensioner and airbag reset services I purchased were done perfectly. I had occasion to ask a couple of questions before purchasing the services, and the responses were quick and accurate. Great service.

  484. Jeffrey T.

    Great communication throughout the entire process and a quick turnaround as promised. I would definitely use them again!

  485. Doug B.

    Sent off for repair and had it done and shipped back the same week.

  486. Marcus B.

    I sent in seat belts for repair/adjustment and the turn around was fantastic.

  487. Stefany A.

    Great service. I will definitly recommend.

  488. Robert J.

    The service was great. I saved a lot of money and the turnaround was amazing.

  489. Timothy W.

    Second time I have used safetyrestore for heavy duty school bus seatbelt reweb. These things are fraying and full of dust and what not. When they come back (very quickly I might add) they are truly better than new. Thanks for delivering on all your promises.

  490. Thomas K.

    This is the third seat belt web replacement I have purchased from safety restore due to my dog chewing on it. Each repair was completed in the time frame they promised with no issue. I fully recommend safety restore.

  491. Don Y.

    Thanks for the quick turn around and shipping on my Audi seat belts. Sent to you and back repaired in only 5 days, great service.

  492. Lester B.

    Made it very easy and reasonable. I will definitely pass this number along to other Car nuts

  493. Chris M.

    Got a hold of a salvage Nissan Rogue and needed the front seatbelts and airbag module reworked. Safety Restore took care of me! Reinstalled everything along with a new driver airbag and things are golden. No more warning lights and everything is ready to go. Thanks, Safety Restore!!

  494. Doreen G.

    We were unable to get a seat belt for our 2004 Toyota Tundra through Toyota or anyone else in North America, so we sent our very frayed seat belt to Safety Restore. We were very happy with the service and price they provided. Would definitely not hesitate recommending their work.

  495. Young K.

    Works well…

  496. Vladimir L.

    Excellent costumer service! Dependable and highly professional!

  497. Jeremiah D.

    I had a seatbelt that was locked up after an accident, the people at Safety Restore helped me get it fixed in an efficient and timely manner.

  498. Darren S.

    Had a damaged seat belt in one of our cars, Safety Restore did a very quick turn around, materials matched perfectly. Highly recommended.

  499. Eric S.

    Super fast turn around on the belts for my ’87 Silverado restoration ! I would recommend Safety Restore to all my show car friends. The source for repairing worn of cut belts ! Thank you very much !

  500. Eric S.

    Super fast turn around on the belts for my ’87 Silverado restoration ! I would recommend Safety Restore to all my show car friends. The source for repairing worn of cut belts ! Thank you very much !

  501. Matt W.

    I was hesitant to use this service but after buying a used one online only for it to show up locked I gave it a shot. I am in the Midwest it took a week total turn around saved over 50 bucks. I fix cars as a hobby and I will be using this service again for sure! What a find!

  502. Marwan B.

    Excellent service and highly recommended

  503. Brent K.

    They fixed my seatbelts and ABS module and shipped it back in the same day!

  504. Paul S.

    Great job and fast shipping

  505. Kevin H.

    Excellent service quick rerun. Very pleased all around.

  506. Samuel M.

    Great service, no more srs light

  507. Steve S.


  508. ron h.

    Great Job and Quick return

  509. Jeremy J.

    I attempted to fix my ford super duty seatbelt myself and ended up mailing the broken pieces to safety-restore. They fixed it and immediately shipped it back… turn around took about two fewer days than I anticipated. I highly recommend them!!

  510. andrew p.

    extreme cars canada

  511. Aldona B.

    A+ service! Quick and easy. I especially like the email notifications of package received, repair in progress and package shipped. Lets me know the status without making unnecessary calls.

  512. Pavel M.

    Supper fast and easy. Great work guys keep it up

  513. doug s.

    Safety restore ia am great company to deal with. They are very fast and will make sure you are satisfied.

  514. Frank C.

    Thanks, and the webbing is a good match too!

  515. Don H.

    Items were professionally repaired an quickly returned. Unfortunately the inertia reel got locked up in shipping. They returned the money to repair the inertia reel/ pre-tensioner.

  516. Richard D.

    Quick turn around . Great service .

  517. Marlin T.

    Had front seat belts and air bag module repaired with no problems and returned on time.

  518. William B.

    Great work, and I got it installed pretty easily. The problem came when I tried to latch it – it wouldn’t latch. I compared it to the other seat belt, and it appears you put the wrong latch on the new webbing. At this point I don’t know what to do, so I’d appreciate a return e-mail to help me figure out how we’re going to fix it. I still don’t have a working seat belt.

  519. William B.

    Great work, and I got it installed pretty easily. The problem came when I tried to latch it – it wouldn’t latch. I compared it to the other seat belt, and it appears you put the wrong latch on the new webbing. At this point I don’t know what to do, so I’d appreciate a return e-mail to help me figure out how we’re going to fix it. I still don’t have a working seat belt.

  520. Gary M.

    Mailed and returned immediately..around 4 days total…Great service..and they worked

  521. Gontran S.

    I bought a honda civic sedan wrecked with seatbelts locked up for my son. I wanted to fixed right So i bought used seat belts and reset my module from Fast service received my module back within 3 days. Great service and airbag light off.

  522. Richard J.

    They was very fast and had great communication. Done a great job

  523. Andrew N.

    Amazingly fast service and belt was brand new. No more chewed seatbelt.

  524. Steve K.

    As far as I’m concerned the only option out there. I recommend using their service when seat belts are damaged as a result of an accident. Price was great, service and response are better than I anticipated. Service exceeded expectations.

    Steve Kala

  525. Hernan G.

    Excellent customer service and fast shipping!!!!!!

  526. Reva B.

    have used this site multiple times, Always works well. Will do business again!

  527. Glenn S.

    Safety Restore did exactly as their website promised. I had a question on the reinstall and their Tech support was also very supportive. Overall a very good experience and I will not hesitate to use them again.

  528. Steve D.

    Sent two items …. got them back in decent time and both back to original condition

  529. Tom G.

    Dog chewed my seatbelt. Dealer replaced for $750.00.
    Sent belt for refurbishment for $75.00 including shipping.

  530. Stephanie C.

    Extremely impressed with the easy mail in process, quick repair, and return. The seatbelts are intalled. Problem solved without having to purchase expensive new seatbelts. Thank you.

  531. Charles K.

    Even though the retractor was from a junk yard. Safety Restore assured me that they would check it to make sure everything was good as new.

  532. Oleg L.

    Shipped it out and came back all within about 8-9 day period. Very pleased fixed the air bag light

  533. Mircea G.

    Realy nice profesional i liked next time i will use again you guys

  534. James C.

    I sent my airbag module and driver side seatbelt for restore. Both came back within a week, installed them and no airbag lights. Great experience all the way around. Thank you.

  535. Debra B.

    Excellent Service. Great Pricing. I will be using them again.

  536. Artie B.

    Great job on renewing an obsolete seat belt for one of our customers. Quick turnaround also.

  537. Debra B.

    Excellent Service. Great Pricing. I will be using them again.

  538. Artie B.

    Great job on renewing an obsolete seat belt for one of our customers. Quick turnaround also.

  539. Donald K.

    I cannot thank you enough for the Speedy turnaround and the quality workmanship… I was looking at estimate that was 500% more for the part and of-course labor on top of that. Thanks to your reliable service, I was able to uninstall and reinstall myself and receive a quality replacement at a fraction of the original estimate

  540. Robert K.

    Had my seatbelt back up and running within a few days. I’ve recommended this site to everyone I’ve talked to.

  541. Robert K.

    Had my seatbelt back up and running within a few days. I’ve recommended this site to everyone I’ve talked to.

  542. Jason F.


  543. Christopher B.

    Excellent workmanship, very responsive to communication and very helpful with some problems I was having after install not related to their work. Very knowledgeable customer support.

  544. Andrew P.

    I had my seat belt webbing replaced on the driver side. The most difficult part was the removal and reinstall. Your service was fast and easy. Postage and handling was a bit much and really added to the expense but overall it was still cheaper than purchasing a new belt assembly i will use you again if the need arises

  545. Ed C.

    Mine was worn out. Could not find one used or new. Safetyrestore did just that. Works like new. These are good folks!

  546. abdul h.

    Thank you Alex I am happy.

  547. Steve B.

    Installed seatbelt retractor and module every thing worked perfect airbag light went out very satisfied but dot have problems contacting by phone

  548. Bryan J.

    very happy with the turnaround time on repairing my seatbelt .

  549. Roy S.

    Wow, all the way across the country and back in only 5 days. That is what I call good service, and the returned seat belt looks like factory new. The dog chewed belt in my Suburban will be on its way to SafetyRestore as soon as hunting season is over. Again, superlative service and job. Thanks.

  550. Richard M.

    Everything worked just as was described. Reinstalled and worked perfect.

  551. David S.

    I recently found this service and it worked just like it was stated and I saved about 300 by not having to buy my parts at dealer

  552. Philip C.

    Second time I used this company. They repaired a blown seatbelt, SRS module, and now a second seatbelt. The repair was perfect. The turnaround was faster than expected. Great!

  553. Marian K.

    Great service, fast repair, I recommend to others

  554. Bolor B.

    Good job! Liked a lot the color (dark red) when getting back the seat belt! Thanks!

  555. Ian S.

    Did a awesome job on replacing my existing black webbing with red. Looks great and made the interior pop thank you

  556. Nina T.

    Excited to get my seat belt back so quickly!

  557. Gary L.

    All there is to say is turned out looking like brand new.

  558. Gary L.

    All there is to say is turned out looking like brand new.

  559. Jackie B.

    No problem putting air bag light out work great

  560. Albert B.

    this was such a better way to go than having the dealer put a crash computer in our Nissan Rogue at a cost of near $1000 + labor … best of all soon as we installed it back in the vehicle the SRS system worked as it was designed to do .. we were exhilarated !

  561. Charles H.

    These guys are good. The repair was fast with quick turn around. They are permanently entered in my roller deck.

  562. Donovan C.

    Just got it back and had it reinstalled. Looks and works great. Thanks for the quick service!

  563. Jason H.

    Awesome work, quick turnaround. Thanks

  564. Steve P.

    great turn around and excellent quality

  565. Steve P.

    great turn around and excellent quality

  566. Richard M.

    Your team is awesome and will reuse in the future.

  567. Jeremy N.

    Fantastic communication is all aspects of the repair. AAA+

  568. William R.

    Fast turnaround and not too expensive.

  569. Harry N.

    Fast turn around! The belts I sent in looked good work well. They even twist tied the end of the belt making it easier to install!

  570. Reid S.

    No complaints. Happy with service.

  571. Katie M.

    Safety Restore always stays in touch to let me know when they receive the parts I need repaired and turn around is always quick. Thank you!

  572. Katie M.

    Safety Restore always stays in touch to let me know when they receive the parts I need repaired and turn around is always quick. Thank you!

  573. Rosemary D.

    I send in my module and seat belt tensioner for repair. Received email notification to kept me informed and turn around time was fast. Highly recommended!

  574. Aces B.

    Quick and fast turn around time. Customer service was great, would use their service again. Thank you Safetyrestore!

  575. Luis D.

    everything works as new thanks

  576. Kestrel S.

    Great customer service. Super quick turn around. Competitively priced. Will be doing future business with these guys.

  577. Shane B.

    I took my seatbelt in need of new webbing out and shipped it Wednesday they got it repaired it and had I back out of their facility before the weekend. Got it back Monday or Tuesday and it looked fantastic. Installed with no issue and am way happier with this economical solution rather than having to buy a whole new seat belt at the cost of $200-$300 for my vehicle. Would definitely use them again in the future I had no issues and was able to track package as it cam back.

  578. Roberto C.

    I have used them on several times to restore my seat belts and modules, and their prices and so the turn around delivery are great.

  579. Trust S.

    Fast, reliable service!

  580. Ali A.


  581. Omar O.

    Perfect job and good deal love it ,,

  582. Nghia H.

    So good.

  583. Ron F.

    Safety Restore is doing it right! They bring everything to bear to provide a quality service. Rusty is great! He texted with me on a weekend!

  584. Jenny G.

    Thank you!

  585. Oscar R.

    Good service

  586. Sandeep J.

    Very nice service. Saved $700 dollars

  587. Alex F.

    Great fixed my issues

  588. Eraclio I.

    Good service

  589. Rainier O.

    Safety Restore repaired my seat belt tensioner and airbag module. Both got repaired Perfectly and works like brand new. Quick turn around like they said and shipping was fast! Saved me a ton of money! Thankyou Safety Restore! Definitely will use them again!

  590. Albert L.

    This is the third time I have used Safety Restore. Each time they have repaired my components and returned them within 24 hours as advertised. I highly recommend their services.

  591. Amanda B.

    Have had to have seatbelts redone due to dog chewing them up. Service has always been quick and process is easy.

  592. Jerry E.

    We thought we’d have to pay $300 or more to replace seatbelts in our old van. Safety Restore repaired it for far less and got it back very quickly. Glad we found out about them..

  593. Mike C.

    The total experience was AWESME !!! The customer service was on point and answered every question I had and was very polite and helpful. I will go nowhere else in the future for my seatbelt needs.

  594. Duane S.

    Very quick turnaround (4 days) and at a fair price. Will use again

  595. Jason L.

    Safety Restore replaced the seat belt webbing for my project Land Cruiser restoration to like-new condition! Very happy with the results!

  596. Guillermo R.

    I’m contacted Safety Restore to ask about the process and got and immediate detailed response on how to removeve the seatbelt to avoid an airbag light on my dash, pay for the service and mail the seatbelt in to them.
    By the the weekend, I had the perfect seatbelt reinstalled with no airbag light.
    Use this company. This is a very professional firm.
    G Rocha

  597. Guillermo R.

    I’m contacted Safety Restore to ask about the process and got and immediate detailed response on how to removeve the seatbelt to avoid an airbag light on my dash, pay for the service and mail the seatbelt in to them.
    By the the weekend, I had the perfect seatbelt reinstalled with no airbag light.
    Use this company. This is a very professional firm.
    G Rocha

  598. Jeff W.

    great job quick turnaround

  599. Lisa W.

    I can’t confirm that it was done in 24 hours like they advertise, but, I can say that the service is easy, cost effective and seamless. Thank you good people!

  600. Donna B.

    I was a little unsure as to weather this equipment would come back in working order. Well it worked just fine! This company is the greatest, thanks you for being a legit and trust worth company.

  601. Gregory A.

    I’m glad I found this company on the internet. The Ford dealer wanted over $800 for the fix. It was easy. Undo the two big bolts holding the seat belt retractor. Send it in. A few days later it comes back. Put the seat belt back in. Done. No more stupid light and buzzer. Easy peasy.

  602. Stanley K.

    When I was told by my mechanic that a new seat belt pretensioner from Lincoln was $500.00 I thought that something else must be available. My mechanic told me of a company that rebuilds them but it was not your company. However, after checking the internet, I found your company and was impressed with all the reviews. The rest is history. The pretensioner was installed last week and everything works just great. That review I read where the guy said you cannot rebuild them, they have to be replaced, couldn’t have been further from the truth. Thank you for the great service. My mechanic will now recommended you his customers when the need arises. Stan Kietur, Tappan, New York

  603. Raymond R.

    Great service!

  604. Katy W.

    Speedy service with amazing customer service skills

  605. Jason S.

    Tried this out for the first time on a totaled vehicle a customer wanted to save. this process made that possible.

  606. Omar O.

    V. Good guys

  607. Randy J.

    Sent in my seatbelt to be recharged. As advertised, it was repaired and mailed back to me within 24 hours. This company is reasonably priced and does great work.

  608. Meghan P.

    We were very happy with our repair ! Turn around time was very quick ! Highly recommend this company

  609. Eraclio I.

    Good service really recommend

  610. Yesi F.

    Will defiantly recommend!

  611. Edwin J.

    excellent services, quick turn around…… thanks

  612. Markus M.

    Fast service quick turnaround everything works fine after instal. Thx

  613. Michael B.

    The whole process was simple, straightforward and prompt. I feel the price was more than reasonable and the seat belt works great.
    My only “complaint” is really more of a suggestion. I would have liked to have some sort of paper receipt/invoice for my records. Other than that minor issue I would happily recommend Safety Restore to anyone looking for this type of service.
    Michael Beck

  614. Richard M.

    The color of web is perfect, the rewind is awesome, and the time it took was faster than I can believe. Thanks for a good job.

  615. Karl S.

    Fast service

  616. Michael R.

    Your team did a great job turning around my belts and module, I now have our car safely back on the road. Thanks for the efficient no hassle service.

  617. Hua-Wai M.

    Because I live in Hawaii my parts took awhile to get to me, but when they did every thing worked perfectly. They also refunded me some money back for service I didn’t require. I would diffently use them again.

  618. James C.

    I mailed the seatbelts on Monday they got them on Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday evening they ship them out I got the seatbelt Saturday absolutely outstanding work

  619. Erik R.

    To be frank I was very hesitant about using this company and frankly I had never had the need for this service. Well put all hesitation aside company is top notch!! They send me email confirming they got my package. SAME DAY got email advising everything was fix and that it was ship out. No issues no BS. 100% recommendation! everything came back in a clean secure package. Thank you ‘safetyrestore” great work great communication.

  620. Gary E.

    Totally professional repair completed in one day…it really pleased me to have a vendor do exactly what they promised. The cost of this operation was less than buying a questionable used auto part…the seatbelt was returned in OEM condition. Based on my experience, I recommend this vendor to anyone.

  621. Gary E.

    Totally professional repair completed in one day…it really pleased me to have a vendor do exactly what they promised. The cost of this operation was less than buying a questionable used auto part…the seatbelt was returned in OEM condition. Based on my experience, I recommend this vendor to anyone.

  622. Ray Y.

    Glad I found out about this service. 100% satisfied

  623. Thomas B. did a great job replacing the torn seat belt webbing. In addition, the service was fast. I am very satisfied.

  624. Fidel G.

    I love the service, however, the shipping cost is not a price that I like to pay $15.00 to send and $15.00 to get it back. That be said it is better then paying for a new one.
    Thank you for the speedy return of my seat belts and airbags.

  625. Tom H.

    They made all the repairs in a timely fashion and shipped the parts back very well packaged. After reinstalling the parts I found a button missing on one of the sestbelts, when I called they mailed me the button at no charge. Very good experience and reasonably priced.
    Thanks Tom

  626. John G.

    Amazing tturn-around time. Had notification that the repaired seatbelt was already shipped back to me before I had notification that it had been received. This was two days after I shipped it from the midwest. Back on the truck now and works perfectly. The only thing that was missing was the little button that suspends the latch so you don’t have to fish for it. Fortunately I still had the old one and was able to attach it myself. Color of webbing was an exact match.
    GREAT JOB! Thanks

  627. Wally P.

    Very happy!

  628. John L.

    Everything works great

  629. Cal M.

    Did what they said. Quick turn around, appears to be same material as new. Can’t tell it from the other in the vehicle.

  630. Mark H.

    The dealer wanted over $500 to replace my seatbelt (webbing/dog chew), which was beyond ridiculous. Glad I found and removed the belt, sent it in and its fully functional at a significant cost savings! Directions on the webpage were great, notifications of receipt/processing/shipping were very timely. Highly recommend!

  631. marc r.

    worked as advertised, very fast service.

  632. Anton D.

    I had my seat belt and module reset and I am extremely happy with the result. The airbag light is off and the seatbelt works really well, as opposed to the one I bought used once and it stopped working after a short time. I’m definitely using safety restore next time I need something reset!

  633. Hassan I.

    Great place for all your restore ration of seatbelts modules and all after accidents

  634. Nicholas Y.

    Happen as on line promised, seatbelt got repaired and sent back within 24 hours

  635. Hoshang

    Very quick and perfect job

  636. Wjohansson L.

    They don’t fixed my module ! But they was really honest and told why didn’t the work ! Give my money back

  637. Gerald K.

    Very satisfied

  638. Dennis H.

    Great job, very short turnaround. Highly recommend to anyone. Wouldn’t consider using another source for seatbelt services.

  639. Philip C.

    Sent in a locked seatbelt and SRS module for my 2007 malibu. Seatbelt repaired and module was reset. Good service. Saved lots of money.

  640. Laura S.

    Great customer service, appreciated the personal call to make sure thet understood the problem I was having, and they quickly got it back to me!

  641. Phil.

    They do exactly as they advertise on the web site. I shipped my seat belt tensioner to them they repaired it and shipped it back almost the same day. I appreciate that kind of turn around.

  642. Robert F.

    Repaired drivers 2 stage seat belt & reset air bag module. Both work great. Fast service & shipping. Thanks Bob F. Westwood Ma

  643. Executive M.

    Great service, thank you!

  644. Johnson’s A.

    by with out fear.. timely service and a great product

  645. Mahir N.

    Professional, fast, and affordable. Highly recommended

  646. Edmond J.

    I sent my seat belt in to safetyrestore and the turnaround was very fast . I sent it in Monday and I received it back Friday through USPS PRIORITY MAIL

  647. William M.

    Awesome repair and timing!!!

  648. Jerry C.

    Excellent job repairing my seat belt. I would highly recommend safetyrestore to anyone.

  649. Jerry C.

    Excellent job repairing my seat belt. I would highly recommend safetyrestore to anyone.

  650. Fred B.

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    I was skeptical when I sent my airbag module in as the dealer said it could not be repaired only replaced. I thought for the price and guarantee I have nothing to lose. My airbag module came back quickly and solved all of my issues. I have recommended your business to several friends at this time and a local repair shop. Thank You for a great service, very professional.

  661. Justin B.

    They replaced the webbing in my seatbelt because my dog had chewed on it. My seatbelt has been installed for a year now and it has continued to work flawlessly. Stiching is high quality and very strong. The color match is identical also.

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  685. Gordie’s D.

    I was desperate to get a seat belt for our church van, no one had the one we needed (older van). We found SafetyRestore online later that day we sent it out, about three days later it was returned good as new. Had it installed and we passed our inspection. Thank you.

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    I have a 2013 Honda Fit Sport and I was interested in changing the seat belt webbing to PORSCHE YELLOW color webbing. From the moment I email Safety Restore, Mike always very responsive in answering my questions, very details, sent many detailed pictures that show not just the color but the pattern of the webbing, and he also able to replace my webbing in just 1 day. This level of service is hard to find.
    I am now waiting for my Porsche Yellow Seat Belt in the mail by USPS Priority. Thanks Mike, I am looking forward to write a good DIY and review at FitFreak (Honda Fit Owner) forum for you too.

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  721. Jeff O.

    I am soo happy that I found Safety Restore. They turned around my passenger seat belt in just a few days and kept me up to date with status of my order the entire time. I would HIGHLY recommend this company if you need a seat belt repaired after it has frayed or been chewed!!

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