Seat Belt Repair – Triple Stage
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Seat Belt Repair – Triple Stage


Our triple stage seat belt repair is compatible with all vehicle car makes and models. triple-stage simply means there is three plugs or three wire connectors on the seat belt total. This repair service is for seat belts that have been locked or blown after an accident.

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445 reviews for Seat Belt Repair – Triple Stage

  1. Johnny I.


  2. Jon C.

    These folks reset the module in my daughters cruze and I replaced blown airbags. All codes were cleared except seat belts. I am now sending in my seat belts. Through their informative video I have diagnosed that the pre-tensioners are blown. I highly recommend Safety Restore for these repairs. But honestly I’ll take my chances driving old classics without all of this overkill gadgetry! Thanks Y’all

  3. Tevaughn C.

    The service performed by safety restore was done in a quick and timely manner. I couldn’t ask for a faster turn over

  4. Vitalie F.

    ***Good job***

  5. ahmad n.

    great job,well done

  6. Jonathan B.

    Crashed our 328i a few months ago. I stumble across Safety Restore. I took a chance. So glad I did. Mailed out the Airbag Module.. had it back in about 7 days. Installed it yesterday. No more airbag warning light! All is well. Thanks so much! Jon . Raleigh, NC

  7. George K.

    Great service fast turn around

  8. Tom K.

    Lighting fast turnaround. Proffesional work.

  9. Michael M.

    I had my seat belts and module reset. It took longer for ups to ship my items than it did for safety restore to fix and return ship them. Items returned fast and worked as advertised, will use them again for my next repair.

  10. Michael M.

    Parts were repairs quick and worked great.

  11. Jason B.

    After purchasing a FJ following an accident, I determined the driver’s seat belt was locked. A quick Internet search directed me to Safety Restore. The process couldn’t have been simpler. I packed up the old one and received my rebuilt seat belt within a few days. The reinstall instructions were straightforward and I’m back in business. Thank you!

  12. Barry G.

    Couple years back I used to search the junkyards and buy new control modules Now I just send Safety restore the seatbelts and control module And a couple days later everything comes back repaired and Perfect.

  13. Christopher H.

    part was repaired and delivered quickly at a great price. works like new

  14. Marian L.

    I am a rebuilder and do quite a bit of modules and belts and this time the turn around was lightning fast…and if course once I plugged everything the airbag light was out.I have another package going out today

  15. Larry L.

    Replace webbing and corrected seatbelt tongue that was on the wrong side of the webbing on original belt. Quick and professional service. Will use again.

  16. Kenneth K.

    Great to work with. Outstanding work at a reasonable price.

  17. Jose Q.

    Great service and super fast shipping

  18. Britt C.

    Fast turnaround. Final product as good as new. Saved me $500, couldn’t be happier.

  19. Rogelio R.

    Fast and efficient, will definitely do business again.

  20. Dennis M.

    Really quick turnaround, great work, always complete. Much appreciated!

  21. Jose n.

    Good service thanks

  22. Ty S.

    Worked great

  23. Rodney S.

    Like the turn around time.

  24. John W.

    By the time you look for a replacement seat belt ,you can have it fixed by safety restore.
    Fast service thank you.

  25. John M.

    Everything was restored to it’s original operating condition excellent job.

  26. Steve S.

    Quick turn around

  27. Michal B.

    Cool guys
    Quick respond, fast shipping
    Repaired to factory standards
    Definitely will use in the future and recommend to anyone

  28. Daniel C.


  29. Johnny M.

    Fast and awes OK me job. Finished up my interior perfectly

  30. Todd M.

    Great repair service and very fast to return

  31. Steve E.

    After they received my blown seat belt, it was back on my porch fixed like new in literally 3 days!! That’s insane. Thanks again guys!

  32. stephen t.

    it was just like the add said very pleased with there work

  33. Timothy B.

    Love the price. Hastle free!!!!

  34. Frank R.

    This is my second time using the Module restore and seatbelts and the service and speed are very professional.

  35. Larry O.

    WE sent the incorrect computers and they refunded us the money, shipped them back to us at no cost, and then worked on the correct computers! This is the 2nd time we use their service and they are always excellent. Love them!

  36. David T.

    Had Airbag faults. Sent in the driver then the passenger Seatbelt Pretensioners and had each back very quickly. 3 Days in my particular case. And the faults were cleared and have stayed clear, passing an inspection by a dealer certified technician. Fast, effective, reasonably priced…well done!

  37. Corey T.

    Great service and repair work! Got my seatbelt back pronto and everything works great!

  38. augusto S.

    Very satisfied works like new no more air bag light and very quick shipping

  39. Jessica I.

    so my dogs ate my seatbelts and I was so pleased to find safety restore! i got them back and they were wonderful, then my dogs ate them again. needless to say they will never be allowed to ride in the front again!!!!! i just sent them back o get repaired again and just switched up the color, gonna get turquoise this time. was nice having maroon for 4 hour though.

  40. Juan m.

    Best service ever

  41. William R.

    I was/am extremely pleased with the service of Safety Restore. I mailed my seatbelts to them on Monday, June 03, 2019. They received my belts on 2 days later on Wednesday, June, 05, 2019, finished and mailed my belts Thursday, June 06, 2019. My new seatbelts arrived to me Saturday, June 08, 2019 and I installed them Sunday, June 09, 2019. This was such a quick turnaround and I actually couldn’t believe how fast the service happen. Big thanks to Safety Restore…I would recommend them anytime.

  42. Omar A.

    Don’t even look around go Directly to this company and you’ll get yours seat bro brand new like factory.. Very good job ..

  43. Jonathan F.

    Perfect match. Looks brand new.

  44. Greg R.

    For rebuilding total loss, this service is fantastic. Quick turnaround! Keeps the budget reasonable.

  45. Vladimir O.

    Good service

  46. Dan M.

    Have purchased several times- quick turnaround, good communication, and repaired units have worked and cleared the airbag code every time.

  47. Ruvim K.

    Would always go here for all my business and I’ll always be back to this company with my business I always need seatbelts repaired and never had an issue with these guys and they are willing to work with you

  48. Danny A.

    Belt was comeing apart – new belt $300 – safety repair $74.00 looks like new now !Thanks fast service also.

  49. John G.

    Incredible, so pleased

  50. Teresa G.

    Everything worked great

  51. Bernie P.

    Super fast turn around. The belt looks and work like new.

  52. Ricky B.

    You unlocked and replaced my seat belt and did an excellent job. Thank you very much. I am very happy.

  53. Margaret S.

    After 2 years of looking at wrecking yards only to come up with nothing or wanting a brand new price for used parts the amount if time I wasted absolutely sure that if I need their services again i wont hesitate to call. Thank you for your speedy return

  54. LINDA R.


  55. Cory A.

    Both products were sent reset and delivered as promised. Products worked first time without any issue. Highly recommend the service.

  56. Don A.

    Was very satisfied with the results thank you much.

  57. Jesus B.

    Good work

  58. Tom C.

    New seat belt for my JD 7775 skid steer tractor was think I would have to buy new for JD looked online and found this site best part was getting a bright color for belt as it can be seen works like new !

  59. Brian S.

    Worked well. Quick service. I had a little problem, emailed the service dept, my questioned was answered quickly. A top notch service company.

  60. Christopher C.

    thanks belts work good be need to speed up time after payment of shipping thanks

  61. Saints A.

    We use them every time on our seatbelts and computer modules. Fast and good service, thanks!!

  62. Ray B.

    Fast, good quality, I am very impressed with the results.

  63. Gary B.

    Repaired my faulty seatbelt buckle as advertised. Immediate repair and shipment back to me. From the time I shipped out buckle from the West Coast to the time repaired buckle arrived at my doorstep was less than a week. Very satisfied and will definitely use Safety Restore again!

  64. Robert B.

    great job. Never any problems and super fast service.

  65. Blake B.

    They are true to their word and completed the repair the date they received the old belt and had it back in route to me that same day. The belt looks and functions like new again.

  66. Karl F.

    Great service Had the retractor rebuilt And belt replaced on our 1998 Mercury Quick turnaround great customer service just what I needed

  67. Richard J.

    Very fast service very pleased

  68. Kevin G.

    Front seat belts locked up after hitting a deer, SR fixed them fast and was happy with how they turned out.

  69. Rich H.

    Original seat belt webbing failed state inspection. Could not find a replacement, found safety restore on eBay. Bought the service, sent them my retractor which they replaced the webbing and sent it back to me. Very happy with the service. Have another belt on my other car that I need to send them.

  70. Zoubir N.

    Sent and received my seat belt, works great

  71. Inna S.

    very good

  72. Alexander M.

    Super quick service and very good communication, had no issue installing and checking seatbelt repair no more code for that side tensioner

  73. Lewis K.

    Good job fast

  74. Sean J.

    I’m not a mechanic, and I wasn’t too sure how it was going to go when I decided to tear into my car and remove the RCM and seatbelt assembly. Fortunately, Safety Restore made their part really easy and my reprogrammed RCM and repaired pretensioner work flawlessly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

  75. Serhiy A.


  76. Omari R.

    Had a 2010 tsx that needed the airbag module either replaced or reset/cleared. The dealer wanted over $1000k for a new module and then labor ontop of that to do it. It took me all of 20 mins to pull out of the car, sent it to safety restore and had it back within 2 days from the day i shipped it for less than $100. The module is now back to 100% working condition and it saved me alot of cash. I was so happy with the service i reccomended it to a friend and they have since become another happy customer.

  77. Russell W.

    Good company, no issues with their repairs

  78. Jaed B.

    Fast great service

  79. Angel E.

    Timely and cost effective!

  80. Rafael C.

    Great service ,fast turn around shipping at a great price :+1:

  81. Robert M.

    Exactly as described in the ad . Thanks

  82. Joe J.

    Excellent service!

  83. Davor D.

    Thank you

  84. Ernie B.

    Great quality service at a very affordable price. Have been using them for years now. Never had a bad experience or a problem. Highly recommend.

  85. Jason C.

    Quick turn around time . Great email status updates .

  86. Garren W.

    This is my 3rd time using Safety Restore in the past year. It was very easy talking with Danny, he made it easy, cost was cheaper than earlier. Turn around time was great. Repaired module, corrected, light went out. Thanks, Garren

  87. Brad J.

    So glad I found this service. Saved me time and money replacing an impossible to find vintage seat belt. Incredibly fast service and highly quality.

  88. Dwight T.

    I took one of my front seat belts apart to see how they work, very interesting. So I sent both front seat belt assembly’s in for repair. Very fast service and fair price. Got them back and had easy to follow guide lines for reinstalling,had no problems. I’m sure that all will be fine when I finish the Jeep. Thanks very much for the good service. :smiley:happy customer

  89. christine u.

    Fast turnaround great job highly recommended

  90. Oleksandr T.

    Thank you

  91. Alex M.

    Pretty quick turn around and huge savings from buying new.

  92. jeff a.

    Very fast fair pricing will definitely be using again

  93. Steve K.

    Very convenient fast shipping savings and no hassles

  94. HAIDER A.

    Excellent service

  95. Clark M.

    The seat belts were refurbished and sent back to me within 24 hours just as promised. The workmanship was excellent. So nice to have smooth running seat belts that actually retract.

  96. Dariush N.

    Very good service.

  97. Christopher J.

    Top quality! Superior customer service! Responded to every email and text message. Fast fast turnaround time! Such a sweet look. Ordered Ferrari red and they look awesome in my BMW!! Highly recommend!

  98. andrey p.

    very satisfied fast delivery great service

  99. Ivan K.

    Seat belt

  100. Elchin M.

    Excellent company, I loved, I’ll send my airbag module for reset

  101. VD E.

    Good job

  102. Shaun S.

    Just got my repaired seatbelt back and cant wait to install it

  103. Dejan S.

    Sent a Honda air bag module. Fixed and returned quickly. No more air bag light!

  104. Oleg M.

    I am completely satisfied with Safety Restore’s service, they made my car rebuild so much easier. Thanks, I recommend their services.

  105. Frank C.

    Repair was done quickly and correctly, return shipping was fast. Saved a lot of money over buying a new assembly.

  106. Petr J.

    Brisk, professional. Thanks!

  107. James W.

    Repair seems to be working fine!

  108. Anthony S.

    Sent SRS module in for repair and received back in a few days and worked just like it was guaranteed. Will definitely use again!!

  109. David M.

    excellent service exactly as advertised quick return

  110. Downs I.

    Excellent service and quick turnaround time. We’ll be using you services for our customers requiring seatbelt repair from now on.

  111. Francisco S.


  112. Diaz D.

    Fast return

  113. Torc S.

    A new seat belt would have cost over $400 and a junkyard didn’t have any around. UPS tracking notified me the package was received by Safety Restore, later that same day I received a return shipping notice. I figured there was an issue with my seat belt, but to my amazement a new webbing had been installed! It’s truly amazing it was processed so quickly and at an affordable price. Great service and an amazing turnaround. In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t spent so much time looking for a junkyard seat belt when I could have sent it to Safety Restore!

  114. luis m.

    I am very happy, it was very fast and very professional, thank you

  115. Mike M.

    Very fast and easy to use your page. And the end result was no air bag light. From the reset module. Thanks we will use safety restore again soon.

  116. Josh C.

    First time working with the team at Safety Restore. Great customer service, very responsive. The belts came out perfectly and were done on time. I can’t wait to do business with them again.

  117. George K.

    Good response and good communication

  118. Majed S.

    Very efficient , quick and simple

  119. Nima A.

    It was awsome after i put it bach the air bag light never showed up

  120. Tim D.

    Belts in the mail tuesday,belts on my car saturday. What a great and easy service! I really wish i found these guys sooneri love my red seatbelts

  121. Juan m.

    Fast, good customer services

  122. Andrey K.


  123. Mony N.

    Very happy with service -right on time.

  124. John H.

    Great company with a great system to help you get your seat belts fixed fast. The do it yourself guy should not go anywhere but this place.

  125. Trevor H.

    The products were shipped back to me the next day

  126. brian s.

    I have had my modules and seatbelts repaired by safety repair and have never had a problem. I receive confirmation when they receive them and when they ship them back. Very happy with the turn around time and workmanship. Thanks

  127. Joseph A.

    The seat belts were repaired to 100% oem spec the only problem was the shipping which they cannot be faulted for

  128. Edward F.

    I sent in my original seat belts for a color change on my Porsche 911, speed of turnaround was very good, quality of work is outstanding, I definitely recommend safety restore.

  129. Ray M.

    Quick turn around.

  130. angel O.

    I’ve used them to reset a few modules and each time they have delivered thank you.

  131. Anna L.

    Everything went super smooth, no issues except during shipping a connector broke but not a big deal everything else works perfect!

  132. Marcelo C.

    Easy to work and fast

  133. Jesus P.


  134. Fernando R.

    Very satisfied with the experience. All worked as expected, the part has been installed and has not experienced any problems with it.

  135. Ben W.

    Sent in module and two seat belts. Arrived back to my residence quickly and installed with no problems

  136. Fasil A.

    It solved my problem quick and honest, thanks

  137. Doug B.

    Very knowledgeable and friendly. Quick turnaround

  138. Brian H.

    This company did a great job. Fast return, easy to deal with.

  139. ALI S.


  140. Melissa D.

    My seatbelts locked up after an accident. Much cheaper to go through this company than to pay for brand new ones. Highly recommend

  141. Tyler P.

    This is the second time we’ve used SR for a vehicle we’re rebuilding. The first time we were super impressed and have to come to expect excellence.

  142. Michael C.

    The price was very good and return shipping was also fast and I would consider purchasing again!

    Only 2 issues I would like to see changed for future orders.
    1.) I called and asked why my air bag light was still on even though I installed new ones and was told that I needed to have the system scanned to see what could be tripping the fault, although I found out within 1 hour of research with my scan tool that the passager seat weight sensor needed to be reset and I was able to do this very fast with even a cheap $1500 scan tool from harbor freight, so I would suggest to give customers some sort of support in a faq section at your Web page as I found this out really fast so I would think that saftey restore could have provided a couple easy tips for me at their website, because I almost took it to the dealer thinking it was only something they could fix.
    2.) I would like to see any electronic safety devices shipping with proper packing as mine was returned with a very thin layer of bubble wrap. And I was even concerned that the light was on because as always the box was probably dropped /tossed around during shipping.

    Would definitely do business with again and look forward to seeing these couple changes made!

  143. Jacob R.

    Service was completed as promised! Happy Customer!

  144. Carlos T.

    Outstanding service… definitely use their service again

  145. Frank J.

    This place is on top of it! Called to confirm issue and had them repaired and on their way back to us in less 24 hours. Can’t ask for more!

  146. Robert D.


  147. Mark K.

    Great service fast and awesome sticks that the prices rose

  148. mohammed N.

    Awesome job thank you so much for the great customer service:)

  149. michael t.

    Fast service with great result. I would recommend them to everybody. Thank You for a great job at a reasonable price.

  150. Anthony H.

    Thanks for shipping to Hawaii.

  151. Clyde R.

    Very well done and in a short period of time. It works wonderfully.
    Thank you.

  152. Vick K.

    Services was excellent, fast and A++. I will surely do business again in the near future.

  153. carlos r.

    great fast service everytime!

  154. Wilbert a.

    Good job working 100% exelent job thanks

  155. Juan B.

    excellent professionals I recommend 100%

  156. John C.

    Seat belts look great and operate smoothly. Turn around was quick. I had other work in the cab to finish up, so just now got the chance to reinstall.

  157. Edward P.

    Flawless repair with zero issues once reinstalled. Quick turn around as well

  158. Cutters N.

    Perfect! Very happy with product and how fast it was completed and sent back.

  159. Travis F.

    Parts came back in no time and worked like new.

  160. luis Q.

    Thanks so much again for the good service and the fast turnaround for my seatbelt and modules you stuff know what to do fixing parts an very good service again thanks will be doing business with you again soon thanks

  161. Rashad H.

    Fast efficient and saved me a ton of money and parts searching.

  162. Louis W.

    Glad there is people like you for these needs.

  163. Hamid Y.

    I had sent them five of my car seat belts. They did a good job it dose take longer than what they say but I am happy with their work.

  164. Hillary T.

    My dog chewed through the webbing of one of my seatbelts in my Subaru Crosstrek. To have it replaced would have cost me around $300. I had a free shipping coupon so my total cost with safety restore was around $90. I did struggle a little getting my seatbelt out because the crosstrek was set up a little differently than the videos provided. But, once I got the unit out, the rest was super simple. The replacement webbing matches my other seatbelts well. Once in the mail, it took a total of 5 days to have it back in my hands and that includes a weekend. It was well wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed tightly. I will 100% use and recommend this service moving forward. Awesome.

  165. Joe E.

    This is a much cheaper than taking your car to the shop. The only drawback is you have to be remove and replace on your own. But that isn’t their fault, that’s what saves you money. I got emails every step of the process. Would use again for sure.

  166. William L.

    Works great.

  167. Michael W.

    Thank you, fast, as advertised

  168. David H.

    I sent a seatbelt to be repaired after an accident and they fixed it and sent it back quickly.

  169. Sophia L.

    Excellent and super fast service, I highly recommend them :+1::skin-tone-2:

  170. First L.

    I’ve used them twice so far and both times service was great and we got everything back in a timely manner.

  171. adil h.

    Very quick turn around and very responsive through txt message. Very satisfied with their service.

  172. George T.

    The guys at Safety Restore saved me a bunch of money by reseting the crash data on my airbag module, thanks !

  173. Alex Q.

    Great Prices and the Best Service!

  174. Lyle C.

    Very fast a d everything worked perfect

  175. Alejandro T.

    Fast, great work

  176. Kenny D.

    Driver side seat belt became frayed. It would cost me over $200.00 to replace it. Found this website and sent in both front driver and passenger seat belts. In the meantime I carpooled to work. Got them back and they both look brand new and work perfectly fine. Cost me less to have both redone than buying 1 new one. 100% SATISFIED!!!!!

  177. javier d.

    Just as described, thanks.

  178. Justin A.


  179. Steve C.

    Fast turn around, good repair.

  180. Frank R.

    After a year of the restore been made no problems at all.

  181. Isidro V.

    I’ll just like to let everyone Out there know if your looking for a good and reliable company to restore your airbag module and seatbelts, SAFETY RESTORE, is the number 1 company

  182. Ed Y.

    Fantastic service…

  183. Ron E.

    I am impressed with the quick turnaround time for my air bag modual. I also had sent a seat belt prior and was pleased.

  184. randall l.

    Very happy with there service

  185. Francisco M.

    Excellent company. Very professional work.

  186. Michael N.

    V Tuned Garage on You tube recommend your company to change the color of my seatbelts. The end results were excellent. Great workmanship, Good communication and Fast turn around of seatbelts.

  187. Stephano J.

    These guys are great! Couldnt find new seatbelts anywhere and didnt want to get them from the junkyard. These guys replaced the fabric and repaired the spring, super fast!

  188. Neville M.

    Great service and savings.

  189. George H.

    Was glad to get my belts and SDM redone but the passenger belt is sticking from time to time

  190. Garth C.

    Had a 2013 MDX with bags and seat belts blown, I stumble on this site on the net and figure I would use their service and was glad I did. they reset and repair my seat belt and SRS unit sent it back to me and after replacing everything the light was off. The customer service could be better though. Good choice anyway.

  191. Tim C.

    Fast service and reliable

  192. Marilinn S.

    Came back fast and worked with no problems. We have sent them a lot of seat belts now. Getting them from a junk yard is either more or they cut the wires or the belt is gross. This is the way to go.

  193. Patty R.

    Great fast service. Delivered in a timely fashion.

  194. Steve S.

    Turn around time is quick

  195. Ron G.

    Perfect ,highly recommend this service ,great job guys problem solved !

  196. Mohammad A.


  197. Danny M.

    Excellent work

  198. Safar s.

    Very good people to work with. Fast shipping good comunication. Highly recommend.

  199. Cameron V.

    Everything was great and I received the package in full thank you!

  200. Richard M.

    New belt works great. I should have done it much sooner.

  201. tyler c.

    Great service

  202. Michael A.

    Thoroughly impressed with the level of service and turnaround time to have my seatbelt repaired. Highly recommended!

  203. Michael S.

    Was really happy with my experience. Came into this a little skeptical but the whole experience was pretty straightforward and in less than a week I had a working seatbelt back at my doorstep.

  204. Dan F.

    Thanks for getting it back soon and free shipping

  205. brian r.

    This company Safety Restore is excellent!Everything they did was very professional with all the information,shipping,turn around time and when I promptly received my seat belts I reinstalled them and they work like brand new!!Thank you so much for helping me with quality workmanship,fair prices and honest service

  206. Douglas W.

    Seatbelt was fraying badly. I was trimming it regularly with scissors. Dealer told me $460 to replace. Safety Restore made it better than new for just under $100 including freight! Very pleased.

  207. IRIDIO J.

    I highly recomand them

  208. Shaun S.

    Great service!

  209. Ricky A.


  210. Larry P.

    Super fast turn around, i will be using your service again

  211. Faron W.

    Was told to expect 10 days, mailed on Monday, delivery back on Saturday, worked perfect! Will use again no doubt.

  212. Joseph J.

    My whole system had to be rebuilt, RCM Module, bags and seat belts. Safety Restore restored the RCM and belts and now no more light, and a working safety system. Thanks guys!

  213. Jose M.

    The service worked as advertised,

  214. Gabriel M.

    Basically, put the seatbelt assy wrapped in a box, shipped to Safety Restore at the most standard shipping rate. So it got to them in 3 or 4 days. They sent me emails upon its arrival and regarding the condition and remedy to my seatbelt. Without question, they got to it and shipped a “good as new” seatbelt back to me. It was a total of 7 days without the seatbelt. So they had it turned around within a day. Very satisfied customer!

  215. Joseph M.

    Lightning fast turn around. Well priced and easy!!
    Good job guys!

  216. Alben A.


  217. William C.

    Turn around time was terrific. Modules must be working bec a use it brought up a few more codes on the scanner, so now I am waiting on the seatbelts to be sent back to me. Thanks

  218. Oleksandr

    You did a great job and fast!

  219. Oleksandr T.

    Great quality, just as promised. Thank you!

  220. David M.

    fast prompt professional service just as they advertise I have used safety restore 3 times now and am vary pleased with there service

  221. John S.

    It’s really good

  222. Natasha S.

    Great and perfect service

  223. Thomas P.

    Great service!

  224. Erik H.

    Did a great job. Both seatbelts and SRS module reset worked great!

  225. Piotr Z.

    Great job

  226. Carlos G.

    New York auto center import. Thanks for everything and help me out. For service providers for cars module.

  227. Diego R.


  228. David N.

    100% effective

  229. Alexis P.

    Great service,allways on time

  230. IRIDIO J.

    My brother an i have done over 10 sets and all have been excellent. I highly recommend

  231. Jeff W.

    Great job excellent workmanship

  232. Mohammed K.

    I send my airbags to SR AND IN NO TIME They fixed it and return it,great service experience excellent return time. Thanks

  233. EZ A.

    Good job.

  234. Mike M.

    Repaired and installed without a hitch

  235. Glenn T.

    Quick service professionally repaired

  236. Clarence S.

    you took a mistake by the us postal service and made my job stay on track for completion date thanks for the quick turn around

  237. Tommie T.

    Great Job!

  238. Larry G.

    Fast friendly accurate service! Happy as a clam.

  239. Alex M.

    Great fast work! Will keep doing business with this company

  240. Doman I.

    They do a great job!
    Thanks Safety Restore.


    Highly recommend!!!

  242. Daniel E.

    Saved a lot of money getting rebuilt vs buying new, will def use again if needed

  243. Gregory F.

    Every airbag module I send them, foreign or domestic, come back quickly and they work perfect every time!

  244. Joel M.

    very good

  245. Michael N.

    High recommend

  246. Andrey K.

    The turnaround was really fast! I highly recommend their service!

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    Excellent job

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    Great prompt service

  249. Abrham G.

    Fast return!!

  250. Pat D.

    Great service

  251. Emanuel L.

    Worked great fast service air bag light off

  252. ignacio r.

    they receive my set belt, repair it and sent it back to me in less than24 hours.

  253. Jancarlos T.

    Excellent service

  254. Andrew P.

    Our dog chewed our drivers side seat belt completely through….If you need a replacement, do not waste your time searching around for used seat belt assemblies, etc. Safety Restore was fast and the belt now works even smoother than before.

  255. jesus b.


  256. Stephen C.

    My 2004 corvettes driver side seatbelt work of not extend or retract. I sent it to them and spent about $80 instead of $250 for a new one to have it fixed. FYI I was not in an accident and the car only has 30000 or so miles on it. They fixed it promptly and I had it back in a couple of days. It works perfectly

  257. Sanford E.

    Great service

  258. Kevin J.

    Was exactly the type of service I was looking for. My seatbelt assembly looks good as new!

  259. raul r.

    Good work and fast

  260. John M.

    Quick turn around and great quality. Exactly what I expected when changin color of my belts.

  261. Juan S.

    Will definitely return for all my seatbelt restoration needs.

  262. Sergey N.

    Easy to deal with, get the job done

  263. Greg H.

    Great service and price

  264. Joseph B.

    I recently sent you a module out of a 2008 Honda and I had it back in 7 days. Thank you for the prompt service!

  265. Jose P.


  266. djibril h.

    I would recommend everyone to these company, send them my Acura airbag module seat belt and pretensioner seat belt and everything was fixed, these people make me saving more than a thousand dollars thank you so much

  267. Richard W.

    Unfortunately, they were not able to fix my seatbelt. But they did refund the entire amount with their apologies. I could not have asked for anything more in that circumstance.

  268. Sherly A.

    Safety Restore has been great! All my modules and seats belts have worked. I’m glad I found them and they make my life much easier.

  269. Mark W.

    This was so simple to do this

  270. Azubike O.

    Service was excellent and product (airbag control module) repair was completed and mailed back within 24 hours. Excellent service. I’m a very satisfied customer. Kudos!

  271. ISMEAL Z.

    Great Customer Service. A+++++

  272. Isidro V.

    Would like to thank safety restore For their excellent and professional service. I recently had the opportunity to have them reset my airbag module and seatbelts On my 2017 Honda Civic, I’m super satisfied with the quality of work They provide and Their super fast turnaround time. I would definitely recommend Safety Restore for all your SRS module resets and seatbelt repairs

  273. Stacy V.

    The turnaround was very fast, I would recommend this service to anyone.

  274. jose a.

    Very good job,,,AAA

  275. Gabys I.

    Great service and great turn around time.

  276. Thomas P.

    The 24 hour return promise is no joke, everything went off without a hitch and the belts are perfect.
    Couldn’t be happier.

  277. Mark A.

    Fixed my seatbelt at a fraction of the cost to replace it!

  278. Tim G.

    I had gone to the ford dealer to get a replacement seat belt for my truck and they only had it in one color (grey) and it was 500.00. So I decided to do some research and found Safety Restore. Wow what an amazing experience. Everything was well explained on the website. I was able to color match my original belts, and get both fully done for WAY less than Ford wanted for a wrong color replacement. Such a quick turn around as well. Thank you very much! I cant sing your praises enough!

  279. Corrado F.

    Thank you great job as always

  280. Mike M.

    Had my seat belt and airbag module repaired and both came back working as they should.

  281. Lisa T.

    After 2 years of trying to find someone to fix my seat belts I found this company. Quick turn around. I would recommend them to anyone whi has locked seat belts!

  282. joe r.

    Had my seat belt pretenioners redone in my 19 chevy express van. Came out perfect and they were back in a couple days. Service could not have been any better. Thanks Safety Restore.

  283. pavel s.

    Great customer service fast and reliable. A lot cheaper that buying at the dealer and any other seatbelt repair services.

  284. Bryant P.

    Great quick service!!

  285. Kerry S.

    Safety Restore did an excellent job restoring my vintage seat belts. Fast 24 hour turn around service. Very pleased with the job that Safety Testore did for me. I highly recommend them.

  286. George M.

    Great job

  287. John P.

    Quick turnaround, Glad I found this option.

  288. David H.

    I put all the airbags, and seatbelts in, and had the module reset, hooked the battery up, and was very pleased that I had no airbag light on, works great, thank you

  289. Telahun M.

    I am really happy with their service which I didn’t think it was possible, They rest my 2011 Hyundai Sonata hybrid airbag module and send it back within 24 hours as they promised.

  290. Reyes R.

    Good jobs every time used this service.

  291. chris c.

    Works great!

  292. Paul A.

    quick turnaround and good job in my 15 malibu module and seat belts

  293. Terry T.

    Quick service. Perfect match on color and quality.

  294. Michael K.

    The belt replacement for my Daughters 1978 VW Super-beetle are a great improvement. They don’t roll, twist and bind up in the hardware any longer and i’m not worried about the deterioration and separation in the case of an accident. The hardware also operates smoothly as if it were a new replacement. What really make this a great option is the fact that when i began my search to replace the seat belts, I intended on purchasing new, only to find that there were only generic aftermarket belts that did not really fit the original hardware configuration. This option was perfect as the original hardware was maintained. I’ll keep this option as a first look in the future and not as a backup. thank you very much SR

  295. David C.

    Fast repair

  296. Glen G.

    When I first heard about this company I was a little hesitant it was legitimate. I was happy to find everything as expected and my airbag light it out now! Would do business with again.

  297. Kenneth C.

    worked good

  298. roderick s.


  299. joe r.

    Safety Restore has done several SRS modules for me. I’ve never had an issue. Even my 2018 equinox needed updated programming which Safety Restore handled without any problems. Got the module back, plugged it in, perfect. I highly recommend Safety Restore for Module and seat belt repairs.

  300. Chris N.

    The service was as advertised. I mailed 2 seatbelts on Friday night they received them Monday morning, fixed in the afternoon and mailed back out Monday night and received Wednesday morning. The only thing was the color match was but it didn’t matter to me as it was a 17 year old van.

  301. Maksim K.

    Very fast and efficient service.

  302. Monty J.

    They repair both front seatbelts for my 2014 Camaro. It took a total of about a week with mail service the way it is. But the quality of service is excellent.

  303. Molly W.

    We own a used car dealership and have used Safety Restore’s services several times. They are wonderful to deal with. Our parts are always quickly returned in excellent working order. The services they provide are invaluable to our business. We’ll be return customers for as long as they’re in business.

  304. Saad K.

    It is great service thank you . From Nebraska

  305. Eddie F.

    Fast reliable service.

  306. Brad M.

    Restored seat belts for my 2016 Tacoma came back quickly and work perfectly! This is by far the best alternative to paying 400 dollars for factory replacements! Thank you Safety Restore!!

  307. Santos A.

    Great service! Highly recommend!

  308. Leo H.

    Excellent repairs to restore my crash damaged seatbelts and reset munairbag computer, works great saved tons of money

  309. Arturo S.

    Good job!!!

  310. Anchorage M.

    I am using safety restore for couple years and will continue to do so.
    Thank you safety restore

  311. Quinton G.

    You are great thanks

  312. Ruvim K.

    Sent them in and didn’t have a chance to blink and they were back! Used them before and they never fail!!

  313. Lewis B.

    Your service is Superior, Reasonable price, Fast turn around, Once you did your magic it was plug and play.
    All lights and faults cleared. Your are my official Airbag Module and Seat belt repair center. A+++++
    Thanks for excellent service.

  314. Michelle H.


  315. Rick S.

    Pleasantly surprised how easy the process was. I had the unit back and installed in a week!

  316. Mark D.

    AAA +

  317. jose r.

    Outstanding company!!! Would use them for all my future needs. Thank you once again safely restore!!!

  318. Ivan K.

    Very good service and fast

  319. Daryl P.

    Quick and efficient, easy to deal with and product comes back like new.

  320. Victor B.

    No hiccups my safety belts work perfectly!

  321. David O.

    Good Result. Turn around took one more day than promised but still pleased.

  322. Hesdoffer E.

    I have used this service on several occasions. Each transaction has been easy and fast turn around time!

  323. Wendell K.

    Thanks worked perfect.

  324. Michelle C.

    Fast Service /nice work

  325. Luis M.

    I used Safety Restore for an airbag module reset and seatbelt repair. Both times the work was done quickly and I got it back way under what I expected. Absolutely spectacular service.

  326. jeff d.

    Seat belt was fixed and reset to factory condition, works great after installation. No problems what so ever, great instructions were included!

  327. Brian B.

    Every thing came back and worked like new.

  328. Dan W.

    Great customer service, match the interior of my factory five Cobra. For custom look now.

  329. Daniel M.

    Sent in a airbag module great service sent it back after one day

  330. ANDRZEJ M.

    Very good and fast service

  331. Joel R.

    Just as advertised!! Very quick & simple. Awsome !! Thank you Safety Restore!! You guys saved me some $$$

  332. Robert S.

    great service and speedy. Thanks

  333. Antonio L.

    Great job done.

  334. gustavo r.

    Everything works back to oem specs, thank you for fixing my seatbealts and resetting airbag module, you have gained a customer

  335. John S.

    You did a great job and fast!

  336. Mariah A.

    Quick and thourough service.

  337. Leo H.

    Safety restore recently helped me reset my air bag module and rework both front seatbelt retractors on my Altima ,wonderful job, everything works like new and saved me a ton of money,thanks

  338. Jose J.

    Belt were done in 2 days and shipped back !

  339. China N.

    Always fast service with no problems!

  340. Stacy K.

    Great turn around time!! Seatbelts work again as they should

  341. Kristopher N.

    They work great . They ship really fast I live in San Diego I really recommend these guys

  342. Hamze A.

    Fast easy sufficient money saver :+1::+1:

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    Very fast return ,less than 2 weeks start to finish

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    great service quick turn around will if needed use this service again thanks

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    Super fast service

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  347. Josh R.

    Pleased with the service

  348. Goran V.

    Very good job

  349. Thomas N.

    Fast, dependable service…

  350. joe t.

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Fast response to communications. Quick turn around time on repairs. Hopefully wont need them again, but if i do, i will use their services.

  351. SCOTT S.

    fast and complete

  352. SCOTT S.

    fast complete service !!!

  353. Edward C.

    Very please with the repair. Fast turn around

  354. Sara J.

    Great job done in timely manner. Thank you.

  355. Tommy C.

    This company is better than the rest. I know because I’ve done business with others and Safety Restore is best.

  356. steve m.

    Sent seat belt in came back fast

  357. Jose U.

    Well done and quick return.

  358. TODD H.

    Have used Safety Restore on 2 projects and everything has come back and worked as original. Would highly recommend!

  359. Tamara B.

    Thank you for fast great job and shipping! Blessings!

  360. Alex P.

    Great service

  361. Steven C.

    Good as new with fast turn around. Very satisfied.

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    Fast and convenient!

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    Excellent work. Thanks I will buy again

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  365. Michal K.

    Everything as expected

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    Great job, good price!! Thank You… they work like new again!

  367. Mike M.

    very reliable, fast turn around of your rebuild parts, quality job !!!

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  369. Bryan C.

    Great service and friendly staff!!!

  370. Moises F.

    Profesional work and fast delivery

  371. Mohammed J.

    I’m so happy with the fix and how fast my airbag module got back to me.

    Thanks guys

  372. John C.

    Safety Restore quickly completed repairs on my Jeeps seatbelts and SRS module and returned them unharmed. Excellent service!

  373. Villacana

    I had the opportunity to use safety restore to rest my airbag module and repair my seat belts on my 2015 Lexus is250 saving hundreds ! Safety restore exceeded my expectations with their excellent and fast service Would like to thank safety restore For their excellent and fast service. I would really recommend safety restore to everyone…and I’m looking forward to using them in the future

  374. Paul K.

    I love them! 5 stars order yours today!

  375. Michael F.

    I saved a lot of money and have a brand new seatbelt. My dog had chewed through my F150 drivers side seatbelt which would have been more than $250 to replace with a new OEM part. Instead, Safety Restore re-fitted a new belt, matching the original color etc. The only downside is having no belt while you ship the broken one to them, but their turnaround was really fast. Thanks again!

  376. Thomas J.

    Good experience

  377. Daniel T.

    Good stuff, good work

  378. Yassin J.

    Fix my Seatbelt and cleared module ! Super fast shipping highly recommend

  379. Legacy A.

    Great service

  380. Rajnit K.


  381. Ben C.

    Great service thanks.

  382. James B.

    Repair rather than replacement, the correct way to go and with Safety Restore who’s service is second to none with their accurate repair, fast turnaround and tech backing you can rest assured your car’s seat belt system is back to factory specs. Thank you for the great service repair.

  383. Mat E.

    Great service

  384. Charles M.

    The process so far has been excellent. Paying up front is always a worry when dealing with the internet but I decided to trust the Safety Restore site and glad I did. I am pleased with the communication as it is beyond what I expected. They let me know that they received the seat belt unit and were underway at repair. Looking to update the review when they finish but expect the same high level of customer service that I have had.
    Satisfied customer,
    Charles from Ohio.

  385. Pablo V.

    I like very much

  386. Eric B.

    I have used Safety Restore twice for seat belts and you do an amazing job quickly! Thank you!

  387. Van O.

    Ya guys did an awesome job on my seat belt.

  388. Bryce B.

    Thank you

  389. Roderic P.

    You could buy a new belt retractor at the toyota dealership for $ 340 Canadian + 12% Tax $40.. or send your retractor to Safety restore and have it repaired for $66.00 + $27.00 to ship it there ($22.00 if you chose the cheapest shipping option) . So 380- 93 = $287 still in my wallet makes it a pretty easy decision for me personally. Total time from start to finish to ship from Victoria , Canada was 10 days. I would not hesitate to use Safety Restore again or recommend this service as it represents a very good value.

  390. Brittney A.

    Every time we send in seatbelts for repair they are fixed and sent back in working condition and is always pretty quick thanks

  391. Top M.

    Wont be my last time Great Excellent Five Star Service From Beginning To End

  392. Nick K.

    Xlnt service

  393. amr a.

    Work good

  394. Paul

    Love your help

  395. Glenn A.

    Great service, great result and extremely fast turnaround.

  396. Denise T.

    reasonably priced. quick turn around. very happy customer

  397. Mario J.

    Very happy with the repair of seatbelts, pretensioner and control module repair. Repair was done very fast and shipped back the next day.

  398. Dawit W.

    The best and acurate

  399. cris w.

    Very fast turn around time. It took about 3 days. Worked perfectly, no more airbag light on a wrecked vehicle that I’m fixing

  400. Amado V.

    Great Job

  401. Scott H.

    Had blown seatbelts in 2014 Audi A5 Cabriolet. They repaired both and saved me hundreds. Fantastic job, quick repair, quick shipping. [email protected]

  402. Christopher M.

    My seatbelt was repaired and returned quickly as advertised and is working perfectly.

  403. Ernesto S.

    Everything worked out just the way it is supposed to. Thank you.

  404. Michael K.

    I had my front 2002 Tacoma seat belt webbings replaced. The silver color is perfect and my seat belts rewind all the way back up. Very nice and look great!

  405. Nicole C.

    Very pleased
    Just as described

  406. Daniel L.

    Very good pricing and fast respair
    Fast shipping too.
    Very satisfied!

  407. Sean N.

    The factory refuses to reset, simply bc there is more money in selling and programming new modules.

    Safety Restore reset mine within one business day of receiving and shipped back the next business day. This saved me $600!

  408. Ibrahim G.

    I like your job guys thank you

  409. Ryan J.

    I am at the opposite side of the country in a foreign country (Canada ) and service is fantastic.
    Sent a module for reset as well as a couple of seat belts for repair.
    Got them back quick and installed and everything works as new.
    We are a rebuilder and will continue to use this service.
    Not often that companies exceed expectations.
    Thank you

  410. James S.

    Happened across your advertisement on the internet. Sent you a defective seat belt and you sent me back one that was functional. Tickled with the service I received from your business. Dave Slate

  411. Vyron B.

    Awesome job reworking the mechanism and this part was returned in a super quick turnaround.

  412. Benjamin L.

    I’ve been using safety restore for a long time and its always a good choice!

  413. Alejandro T.

    Awesome service and fast delivery

  414. Sébastien L.

    Good job and fast.

  415. Frank S.

    They did a great job repairing my seat belts and they mail them out to me very fast would recommend them if you want it done right and fast and inexpensive

  416. Mark K.

    Will do business with again

  417. Feras K.

    They did very good job for my item I tell people to stay with them they are a good company

  418. Jeffrey M.

    Excellent service, fast as promised, extremely courteous, and went the extra mile to meet my needs.

  419. Brenda W.

    Great and fast service! Very pleased with your service.

  420. Luis L.

    Super fast and really amazing job!!! So pleased! Highly recommend!!

  421. Sandor V.

    Received module back as promised! Great turn around! Thanks!

  422. Adrian B.

    Works great, I greatly appreciate it

  423. Bruce Z.

    The buckle was repaired as state. It was mailed on a Monday and I got it back on Friday. Great Service

  424. Charles V.

    Thwy were unable to perform a reset bit were great about notifying me as well. The turnaround was great. A little slow to refund my payment…..

  425. Viktor H.

    happy with prices, and quality of service.

  426. Ali K.

    Fast and great service

  427. Brian B.

    52 year old belts came back looking great, and I can finally adjust them.

  428. Oleg I.

    great job

  429. Alvaro M.

    Great job

  430. Cliff H.


  431. Jennifer L.

    Best $100 I ever spent

  432. Abreham W.

    Best service

  433. Aleksandr C.

    They do very good job!!

  434. Craig H.

    I sent my seat belts in for repair and they were fixed in a prompt and timely fashion. Work great now. Thank you

  435. Rekeisha R.

    They work

  436. Jose F.

    It works! I followed the instructions, and got everything back in good shape. The seat belts look brand new. Will defiantly use them again.

  437. Gregory C.

    Great to have a resource like this to service safety components

  438. Nick H.

    Works like new again at about the third of the price thanks again

  439. Paul Y.

    Easy checkout and instructions. Repaired FAST and returned even FASTER! Thanks again!

  440. Anna S.

    Fixed it within 24hrs of receiving the item

  441. Mark S.

    Great Service Great Product

  442. Mahmoud S.

    Great service thank you so much

  443. Mikhail B.

    Great job. Fast turn around service. Have business with them not the first time and will do it again if need to. Great job every time. Thanks and God bless you.

  444. Jose M.

    They repaired the webbing in two days. I got my belt back . Good value for my money

  445. Charles S.

    Replaced the seatbelt webbing on my Dodge ScatPack from the factory black/dark gray to purple. Safety Restore did a great job and had the belts back in days. IMO, better than the original belts!!

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